Eating and exercise are inseparable. What and when you eat is critical to how you feel when you workout, whether you’re training for competition or on a casual workout.

Effective workouts require complete nutrition in order to maximize workout efforts and get the best results.

Eating a well-balanced diet helps you get the nutrition and calories you need to sustain a regular workout schedule.

When it comes to choosing foods that will fuel workout performance, there some serious factors that need to be considered; it’s not as simple as choosing fruits over cookies.

Getting the right kind of foods at the right time of the day and workout schedule is key to getting the best results.

More specifically, you need to understand the foods, drinks, and snacks to eat before workouts and after workout.

Equally, you should take note of foods to avoid at different times of your workout.

For instance, did you know that experts discourage eating rice, spicy foods, crackers, and muffins just before a workout?

We have compiled 10 Nutrition Hacks that will supercharge your Workout help you maximize your workout efforts for enhanced performance and better results.


10 Nutrition Hacks that will Supercharge your Workout