A lot of my friends will be thinking about getting fitter and loosing a few pounds in the new year. When I hit 40 I wanted to loose weight and get fitter.

I had always been interested in nutrition and training but I fell off the wagon. I also realized that social media and the internet had a mammoth amount of information on how to get results.

Because of the this huge amount of data and info I often found myself second guessing what to do. So I decided to put all that guess work in someone else’s hands.

I contacted Matt Wild and his wife Yo Wild from Team Wild. I had seen some of their work and body transformations they do for their clients that were amazing.

Sometimes you see theses pics and don’t believe in the results. This is a reason I have post mine as most of you will know me.

They did me a program nutrition and training. I had to contact them every week regarding progress via Internet.
And left everything to them, they were there every step, all I had to do was eat the foods and do the training.

No fads, no second guessing just follow the programme and get results.

I would highly recommend them if you are thinking of getting some help achieving your new 2017 body.