Last week Marcos and I have completed our personal 16 weeks body transformation challenge with our personal trainers Matt Wild and Yo Wild.

Since January I have lost 5,9kg of pure body fat dropping to 12% and gained 1,5kg of muscle at the same time. Marcos dropped to 9% body fat, whereas I have to say that to me he already looked stunning in winter time. I am proud to say that I reached my goal and I am happy to going back to normal which means to me eating according to my daily calory needs and training about 4 times per week (weights and cardio). My aim is a constant body fat percentage somewhere around 16% as, especially for women, lower levels are not considered beneficial.

Narrow-minded people may say that there are more important things in life than being skinny or muscular and that setting value on physical appearance is superficial or even narcissistic. Reflecting on that common statement I asked myself what exactly these “more important things” are and who defines the significance of certain values in life. My trainer told me that we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.. Which I guess is true. I believe we should simply respect and tolerate peoples priorities as long as they are not harmful to themselves or others, hey?

Having a athletic physique is, to me, the embodiment of very important, non superficial values! Living a healthy life and creating your physique means hard work, discipline, mental control, resistance, self-respect, endurance, setting boundaries, concentration, dedication and most importantly self love. For me the most difficult part was learning to say no! Being dedicated to a healthy lifestyle does not only shape your body but your values as well. Obviously there are a thousand appealing shortcuts to happiness like high caloric food, chilling, alcohol etc. and honestly to me there is no reason why to not give them a tiny space in your life. At the end it’s about balance whilst focusing on the benefits that show in the long run of living a healthy life. At the end we all seek happiness and want to enjoy our lives to the fullest but bear in mind that your future self will be definitely thankful for having taken care of the only place you will ever have to live!

Thank you Marcos Carreras Gumá for your constant support and for loving me edgy, curvy, fluffy and with abs like steel 😏 Reaching your goals is so much easier with someone by your side with whom you can look outward together in the same direction.