I’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing works!’, ‘I’ve been training for months and have no visible results’, ‘I look like *”%&!’… Does this sound familiar?

We’ve all been caught every so often in a negative pattern of thinking. Whether it is self-deprecating, healthy or unhealthy – we’ll leave that to the psychologists, but what we do between now and the next counseling appointment is what draws the line between sanity/insanity, consistency and effective monitoring of results.

Whether you are trying to lose weight (for the general population implying burning fat or shed some water accumulated due to a high carb diet) or you are fitness or bodybuilding ‘fanatic’, measuring results EFFECTIVELY is paramount.

So you might not yet have a clear idea of where you are heading physique-wise, awaiting to see your body’s response to dieting, training, etc., but what do you do to measure your progress so far?

I often get contacted by those who need consulting on their fitness levels, dieting and training and receive a very similar story: I have great and/or no results however no evidence. How do you know if you made any or no progress if you have not recorded it? Your weight might have not changed, increased or decreased, but how about your shape?

If you request feedback, be prepared to provide some form of progress evidence to review.

Whether that means monitoring your weight every day or week, measuring your size (waist, hips, chest, arms, etc.) and/or some photographic/visual evidence (my personal favorite by far), having something to back you up, brings masses or rewards and benefits.

Tracking progress is vital not only for gaining confidence in your ability to progress but also as a statement to the process you are undertaking: your transformation from how you were, to how you are right now.

Feedback is none the less important. The way you see yourself might be exponentially different to how others see you, not only to highlight the strengths in your physique but also your weaknesses. To know where to improve and where to take a step back.

Always choose a trusted source for assessment and someone who is impartial. Don’t just go by your mum’s or your friend’s word, although they may wish well, they might not be the most educated on the topic.

However, be aware the world will not always be kind and be prepared to often hear some cruel remarks, especially on the world wide web.

Make it a part of your transformation to learn to deal with all forms of feedback and attention, whether it is negative or positive and never allow it to deter you from your goal. Keep your eyes on the prize: the body you wish to gain from your own hard work, consistency and dedication. After all, at the end of the day it will only be you who stays with you 24/7.


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