Does Bodybuilding And/Or Gymnastics Stunt Growth?

Over the years we have heard many people say the same or similar. Whilst the idea sounds sensible enough, is there any real truth to weight lifting/bodybuilding and gymnastics bad for the growing body? What does the studies/science say? Lets add some science to the debate. Lets look at Gymnasts first.  In a recent 2013 study we are told: “(1) Adult height or near adult height of female and male artistic gymnasts is not compromised by intensive gymnastics training. (2) Gymnastics training does not appear to attenuate growth of upper (sitting height) or lower (legs) body segment lengths. (3)...

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The Best Shoulder Mobility/Flexibility Exercises!

Why Is Shoulder Flexibility Important? Whether you’re new to lifting or experienced, and whether you’re currently experiencing shoulder problems or not, we recommend that you start doing stretching exercises every week. If you’re currently dealing with shoulder impairments, they will improve symptoms; if you’re not, they will help you maintain optimal shoulder health and function, as well as help prevent future injury. When most people think of shoulder flexibility, they typically focus solely on the glenohumeral joint (the ball-and-socket joint where your arm bone connects to your shoulder bone). However, it’s just as important to maintain the flexibility of the...

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Not Losing Weight And Dieting?

Not losing weight and dieting? You’re possibly calculating or taking down wrong what you think you’re eating! This is a study done in overweight women to see how accurate they were tracking intake. They were taught how to keep a food log, and they KNEW it would be checked for accuracy. They were still wildly inaccurate. One woman thought she was eating 1100 when she was eating 3300. Thats 3 times more than she though she was eating, showing how people time and time again calculate wrongly!...

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More Evidence that Aspartame WILL NOT Kill You!

Still think a diet drink is work of the devil and will kill you?   More Evidence that Aspartame WILL NOT Kill You!   Despite two recent meta-analyses indicating that the use of low calorie sweeteners (LCSs) is associated with lower BMI and sustained weight loss (refs 1 & 2), some researchers still maintain that LCSs can negatively affect weight loss efforts by messing with blood glucose control.   As such, in a study published last week Higgins and colleagues assessed the effects of three daily aspartame doses (0, 350, and 1050mg/d) on glycaemic response, appetite, body mass and...

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Training Tips for Faster, Bigger Results!

Training Tips for Faster, Bigger Results   We all want to look great, with bigger or more muscle mass and a more shredded or ripped physique. It’s why we choose to put ourselves through the sweat and tears and sometimes, pain in the gym. Our bodies weren’t designed to have such great forces pushing against its these very forces and the reaction to them that causes the muscle growth we so desire.   The question we all want to shout out loud….. How can I get faster results? This might seem counter intuitive to this article, as a true...

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