Never Drop Water OR Salt Before Shows!

When drying out for shows, never drop out salt and water. Blood plasma levels need good levels of both to get a pump and look dry. Drop water and salt, your body will hold on to what it has due to the ADH hormone and thus you lose detail and look flat and sometimes a little watery. Which is why you find people say they look better the day after – because they’ve added salt back and added water back in and POW, they’re back to looking dry and full! #teamwild #teamfarah #teamwildconditioning...

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When Your Body Is Injured, A Healthy Mind Is Crucial

Flickr: Suffering a sports injury is never enjoyable, especially if it stops you from doing the activities you love for an extended period. Whether it’s a broken bone, muscular damage or something else doesn’t matter. The repercussions of the problems will cast a dark cloud over your life. Sadly, those skies will feel even darker if you fail to keep your mind in great health.   In truth, the right mindset is your greatest weapon in the battle to overcome those troubles and work your way back to fitness. So what can you do to maintain a positive frame...

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TEAM WILD Athlete Shone Just 2 Days From Stage!

As you can see Shone is absolutely shredded ! We cannot wait to see the fruit of the last 5 months effort from Shone when he shines on stage on Sunday! __ BLACK FRIDAY MEGA DEALS! 10 weeks coaching £99.99! 16 WEEKS COACHING £150!   Easy payment via PayPal friends and family or bank transfer! 👍👌 Message or email us to get started 👍👈👌 REMEMBER – WHEN GONE, ITS GONE! Please do not ask for these BLACK FRIDAY after today as refusal often offends. You can buy now and start later, whenever convenient to you. Popular choice for New...

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10 weeks coaching £99.99! 16 WEEKS COACHING £150! STRICTLY TODAY ONLY (BLACK FRIDAY)! 5 PACKAGES AVAILABLE OF EACH! You get the following for each package: ☑️Nutritional plan is provided and updated weekly to ensure optimal fat loss and fuel for your training sessions ☑️Supplementation guidance is provided to enhance fat loss, definition and performance in the gym ☑️ Training plan for muscle gain or body fat reduction. Exercise video links are included, with pictures and descriptions. ☑️Reps, sets, rest periods, tempo, a structured training plan, adjusted weekly ☑️Cardio schedule provided with weekly updates and changes Payment via PayPal friends...

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TEAM WILD/ #Teamfredlanglais Friend and Athlete Max takes 2nd Place!

TEAM WILD/ #Teamfredlanglais friend and athlete Maxime Delmotte competed this last weekend. In an absolutely stacked class Max took second place and so finished the vice champion of all of Belgium. We couldn’t be happier with this result and look forward to the coming preps with Max as we help add mass and develop his phyqiue. Transform your physique with TEAM WILD or drop us a message! #teamwild #teamfarah #bodybuilding #conditioning #ripped #teamwildnutrition #teamwildconditioning #teamwildapproved #champinmaking #diced #abs...

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