Sugar Substitutes That You Might Haven’t Heard Of!

Sugar is sweet and sweetness is irresistible. However, too much sugar intake can cause a lot of health problems in the human body. These problems include obesity and diabetes. That is why there are a lot of sugar-free products and healthier sugar substitutes available in the worldwide market. However, not all sugar substitutes are good alternatives for sugar. In fact, some are even more harmful than the original sugar. But, there are also sugar substitutes that are good, safe to consume and even healthier. Here is a review of five sugar substitutes that you might haven’t heard of until...

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Considerations & Thoughts for a Different Approach to Understanding Fat Loss

In the context of energy production, the body can only make a specific maximal amount of energy each day from the substrates we consume, and this amount can be moderately influenced by external factors such as; exercise, stress, etc. The robust nature of our bodies ability to produce energy is down to the efficiency of our mitochondria, specifically the ability for them to produce ATP from carbohydrates and fats with the least amount of free radical leakage/generation. This is accomplished by having good control over the metabolic processes of energy metabolism which is an elegant dance of: • Inflammatory...

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Five Ways To Get You Motivated To Work Out

The New Year is here and one of the most popular New Year resolutions will be getting fit and signing up to the gym. There are many resolutions to choose from including trying to win millions in betting at places like Sun Bets, to visiting far flung places around the world. However it is getting fit and losing weight that is the number one New Year resolution. Here we list five good ways to get you motivated to work out.   Seeing yourself in a shop window   There is nothing worse than seeing your reflection in a shop window...

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The Most Ludicrously Jacked Men In Movies

Body image can affect quality of life, and unfortunately today a lot of us have unrealistic expectations. Typically this conversation tends to gravitate toward women, and that’s more than fair. Women in general are presented with far less fair images of the “ideal,” far more often. Still, it does happen to men as well – particularly in the movies. As we’ve said before, there are healthy ways to deal with body image pressure. One way is simply to dedicate yourself to fitness a little bit – not so that you reach an “ideal” but just so that you gain...

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