Amongst diet, training and nutrition advice and services, one consistent or insistent question we receive here at Team Wild is regarding Yo’s cosmetic surgery.

Yo has begun her transformation in 29th of October 2012 when she decided to train for the physique she has always wanted.

She has dreamt of earning a medal in sports and pursued her goal relentlessly since – at the guidance and support of Matt. She was willing to step outside her comfort zone and try what she thought it was a lost dream.


So when did cosmetic surgery come into the game?

Surgery was something that has been planned and researched by Yo for a while. It has come before the transformation and something that was a personal choice.

We must emphasize that surgery is not a must, we are not promoting or advocating cosmetic enhancements – as we have previously stated, it is a question of personal choice and preference.

Although we receive a lot of questions regarding this matter (some aggressively inquisitive and intrusive) and we can understand the (obvious) curiosity, we would like to take this opportunity to plead to you to respect our dignity and choices – even though they might not be congruent with your views.


Where was surgery performed?

Wellness Kliniek | Genk, Belgium


We hope it answers some of your questions.



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