A short but sweet article on digestive issues, and how you may be able to stop them.
Make a food diary. See when it comes. Stop these foods.
Try dropping grains for a few days, see if you struggle with them, some do.
After dropping grains, see if starchy food such as potatoes does the same. Drop for a few days, see if your gut prefers not having them.

After dropping the above two and seeing no difference, try dropping your fats right down in your meals that isn’t naturally there.  This can mean oils such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil etc, and other sources such as nuts, nut butter etc.  Some people have bile issues that make fat digestion very tough!

Come off any meds you are using, see if it stops.  Please note; we refer to those not prescribed by your Dr.  Consult your Dr on anything that are prescribed and tell them your symptoms and issues.  They may be able to help, and may be known side effects.  They can’t help if you don’t tell them!
30g glutamine a day, 10g waking, 10g before training and 10g before bed – maintains stomach lining and repair.
Apple cider vinegar with 3 or 4 meals a day. A good 15ml will do. Can either put it on your food or drink it. Helps digestion.
Makes sure you have good digestion by helping your gut by using a digestive aid. Super Enzymes by NOW is very good.
Try using a probiotic that is medical grade. www.vsl3.co.uk is fantastic. Really helps the gut flora and fauna which can cause digestion issues.
Some things to get started!