So here we are, 29th of January 2017 and time to get ready for BodyPower, UK.

3 months have passed since our last competition with PCA and 14kg gained in 8 weeks, 4 weeks later since cleaning up the diet here is how I look today, as we continue our preparations.

WEIGHT in 1st January 2017: 67.8kg
Weight in 29th of Jnauary 2017: 62.2kg

So? What are your goals for the year?

Diet I will follow over the next week:

Meal 1: egg whites + oats
Meal 2: chicken breast + basmati white rice + vegetables
Meal 3: egg whites + basmati white rice + vegetables
Meal 4: chicken breast + sweet potato + vegetables
Meal 5: cooked chicken breast + green salad
Meal 6: egg whites + vegetables

A meal out with my family 1 per week, I tend to have a main and desert. You know me… I LOVE DESERT! :0))


Vitamin C + bioflavonoids
Multivitamins (Animal Pak)
Vitamin B Complex 100 Sustained Release

Water 5-6l per day
Salt to taste, herbs and spices
No sauces

Cardio: 40  minutes per day and weight training 5-6 times per week, training legs more often than anything else. Feedback was to improve that area.