Few days ago we looked at effective cardio training methods, so please take a minute to check the article out – if you haven’t done so already. Today we are discussing how often should you train your abs.

So, as you probably know (if you are a gym lover and like to get your science to a T) abdominal muscles have important functions.

Besides providing movement and support to the upper body and assist in the breathing process, your abdominals also serve as protection for the inner organs.

Additionally – together with the back muscles – your abdominals provide postural support and are paramount in shaping and defining your physique.

So the big question remaining is: how often should you train your abs?

Well the answer is really simple: if your body fat percentage is not sufficiently low, those big bad boys will never be in sight. However, all hope is not lost, so keep crunching, but do it wisely.

Best abdominal training results come from a combination of dieting and cardio, followed by isolated abdominal training exercises to target upper, lower and oblique’s. Avoid foods that may cause bloating such as carbonated drinks, high fat, high sugar products and you will see results faster than expected.

However, most bodybuilders or those who love to train either miss the importance of training the core or benefit from engaging the abdominals as a result of another primary exercise such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc. The frequency therefore depends on personal preference or perceived (aesthetic) need.

You may also find a plethora of (generally contradictory) advice on the Internet or health magazines, however – from a more scientific point of view – the frequency you require to train your abdominal muscles is dependent on both your genotype (genetic makeup and propensity, predetermined factors) and phenotype (environmental factors, demographics, etc.), both variables which can be manipulated to obtain the desired result – those perfect abs.


How do Mike and Leica Gelsei train their abs?


How often do you train your abs?


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