Everyone understands the importance or exercise and working out. However, very few people manage to follow through with their goals because it’s not always financially possible. A gym membership is extremely costly, hiring a personal trainer will add more on top, and buying tools to use at home can pile on the money. This can be incredibly demotivating because it almost feels like there’s a monetary barrier preventing you from getting in shape, but with a little creativity and compromise, it’s possible to get an extensive workout without spending much money at all.

If you want to get in shape or build muscles, then you don’t have to go to the gym and spend ludicrous amounts of money. Instead, here is a couple of budget ways to kick start your fitness regime.


Start Running


Running is something that anyone can do—simply slip on a pair of trainers and work those legs! If you want to take your running game a step up, then purchase the right clothing to make it more comfortable and a good pair of running shoes to make your step feel lighter and agiler. Running is a fantastic cardio workout that will help you tone your body, burn calories and strengthen your heart. It’s also a great exercise to do with friends and family. Running together will make it a little less dull, but you could just plug in a pair of headphones and listen to music or a podcast instead. It’s a lot cheaper than purchasing a treadmill, and for the cost of a gym membership, you could instead buy a great pair of running shoes.


Home Workouts


You don’t need to purchase heavy and expensive machines to get a good workout at home. For example, some of the best pull up bars cost almost nothing and hook onto your door frame to give you a fantastic at-home gym setup. Dumbbell sets are relatively inexpensive, and a simple gym bench can be had for the price of a meal with friends. Don’t let these simple-looking tools fool you either. As long as you look up strength exercises, you can get an amazing workout at home without any equipment at all. Push-ups are fantastic for anyone looking to build their strength, pull-ups and chin-ups are important to work your upper body, and squats will help you build lower body strength. If you don’t feel like running, then a simple and cheap jump rope will serve you well for cardio. There are plenty of cheap pieces of equipment to get a full workout, and it’s a lot better than buying a lower-end exercise machine.

These are just two tips to help you get the most out of your workouts. Whether it’s lifting and strength training or building up your body’s tolerance with cardio, there are plenty of cheap and frugal ways to get fit on a budget. However, keep in mind that building muscle happens when your body is in a state of repair, and it’s important to also eat healthily during downtime.