Article by Afser Choudry ~ Here are a few things to expect if you are in a phase where you are pushing fat loss at an accelerated rate:

You are going to feel hungry
You are going to crave foods
You are going to feel flat
You are going to feel many times you look worse
You are going to have day’s you don’t feel like doing cardio
You are going to have day’s you can’t be bothered to go lift weights
You will start to struggle with daily tasks
You will find yourself incoherent in conversations
You will find yourself becoming less social

Now understand this is part of the package going towards your goal of maximum fat loss. Accept it and own it, it’s your choice and these are some tasks you’ll be up against.

Here’s what NOT to expect

A pill or supplement that will see you shed loads of fat
A diet that you only to do for 2 weeks
A cream you can apply to “spot reduce” areas

Knowing this it’s up to YOU to decide whether you mentally have the ability to pursuit this, physically the body can – no problem. It’s the mind. If it’s not for you no problem, feel no shame but don’t part with your cash for a “revolutionary quick fix”. Doesn’t exist.