Height: 5’5″
Weight: 149lbs
Federation: OPA
Category: Figure
Date of Competition: April 20th

Jamie Allen is an OPA (Ontario Physique Association) upcoming competitor!

She has one remarkable lady and one hack of an athlete!

Let’s see what she says about her trials and tribulations in the world of bodybuilding.

How did you get started with bodybuilding? What were the defining moments that have guided you towards the bodybuilding lifestyle?

I started bodybuilding when I realized cardio and running just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

You can only lose so much fat/weight.

Lifting weights -to me- is harder, but more fulfilling. You noticeably become stronger. Running might make your heart strong, perhaps your mind, but not your muscles or bones.

Lifting weights as well make day to day tasks a lot easier. Moving furniture from one room to another or carrying in all groceries. Who likes making more than one trip?

Where does your motivation stem from?

Good question.

It stems from the fact on how sick and unhealthy I was 15months ago. How often I was at the hospital which meant time away from my son.

Finding out we were expecting, then a week later sadly losing it, made me really question my health. 5 days later I started this journey.

15months later, I don’t want to be back there, plus I want my son to have a proper healthy life.


What workout routine has worked best for you?

A mix of high reps/lots of sets with HIIT mixed in majority of the week. Of course after losing 50lbs, things get tougher, and I believe 2 a days help and higher intensity.


What is your favorite muscle group to train?

I’d say shoulders, back and calves are my favorite.

What is your diet like?

My diet consists of high protein to moderately low and equal amounts of fat and carbs. I’ve always done well on high protein low carb. I look forward to my morning oatmeal!


What is your supplementation like?

Currently, in the morning when I wake up I will start with almost a L of water mixed with:

  • Inner Armor Glutamine/BCAA

  • Nutrabolics Thermo Xtc fat burner powder

Green tea caps (3x daily)

Post workout 25g scoop protein (usually either Twin Lab fuel whey, Isoflex or Allwhey by Allmax) Glutamine/BCAA by Inner Armor.

Currently in the process of adding CLA/acethyl l-carnitine as well.


Do you prefer to use HIIT or just normal cardio?

I used to prefer SS cardio. But I’d rather now spend the 15-20mins doing HIIT sweat more and be done with it.


What are your future bodybuilding/fitness goals?

Of course to compete in Figure open, here In Canada with the OPA, possibly have a fitness photo shoot prior to competition. I am debating to take NASM certification.

What advice would you give to new beginners as well as well establish competitors?

Trust the process, trust your coaches. Stay away from the scale, work your butt off.

Always eat food, don’t fall into the hype of “meal replacement shakes”. Be proud of what you have done and do not compare yourself to others.

Be happy you are in the process of being healthy, not just for you, for your kids, family friends.

Someone is always watching and learning from you. You don’t know who’s being motivated through you.

Thank you!