We are currently working with Jamie towards adding further muscle mass and bulk Jamie up. As you can see we are keeping him lean and mean via controlled weekly adjustment to his diet.

As he is a natural athlete one cannot throw huge amounts of extra calories in and not get fat and so the process is gradual and controlled.

As explained to Jamie and our other clients, gaining a couple of pounds a month in muscle is huge, and when doing so leanly saves on extra work having to be done when dieting down for spring and summer.

Jamie works incredibly hard, despite having a job where he continuously has to fly around the UK at moments notice.

He never uses this as an excuse and ensures his plan is followed and training is done – even so much as to take with him fitness bands so he can do resistance work even when no gym is close by.

Jamie’s physique tells you he’s damned hard worker and we could not be more proud of him…

…and indeed his other half Jules, who is also working with us and has made some fantastic progress too.

You could call them the dream team!

Keep it up you two!