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Face it, working out can sometimes become hard to do because of how tedious it can easily become. Even for the most determined of worker-outers, working out can become hard and tedious. And because this happens, different approaches need to be taken by you so that working out remains fun and easy for yourself. Read on to see how you can maintain your motivation to get fit and ripped at all times.



Try different workouts

If you have, of late, been stepping into the gym and hating every second that passes until you step back out of it, it probably means you’ve lost all motivation to be there. But if you want to be as healthy, fit and ripped as you can possibly be, you’ve got to somehow find this motivation again — one way to do so is to switch up and try out different workouts. For instance, why not sign yourself up for a class you’ve never tried before, such as a spin session class?


Give yourself something to work towards

Sometimes, the biggest motivation killer found in the world of working out is the fact there is rarely any real trophy for doing so. Yes, having a healthy body is most certainly a reward. And yes, showing off your ripped body to others is satisfying. But there is no physical reward for working out — unless you actively ensure there is. And you can actively ensure there is by signing yourself for competitions such as Strongman and Strongwoman tournaments, Powerlifting events and Bodybuilding heats. By doing so, and by signing yourself up for a competition that is at least a few months off, you cover yourself in regards to being motivated to workout for a vast amount of time. What’s more, you give yourself something specific to work towards with your workouts, whether it be strength, stamina or physique.


Try working out somewhere different

If your current gym just isn’t inspiring you to work out any longer, then there’s nothing wrong with switching it up and signing up to a new gym. Or if it’s the gym in general that’s got you lacking in motivation, then why not give all gyms a break for a while. And no, fear not this does not mean you need stop working out during your gym exodus. No, it just means working out in other places until your desire to get back in the gym returns.


And there are PLENTY of other places to work out in: one such place, if you are lucky enough to live close enough to it, is the beach. Specifically, the sea is a great place, or thing, to work out in simply because it is so strong and so demanding. You see, the sea is a very demanding and strong piece of workout equipment — probably the strongest there is. And because it is both so strong and demanding, it demands you be strong to work out in it. Specifically, it demands that you engage a host of muscles at the same time to be able to work out in it properly. One such regime that the sea demands you are strong in when performing it is Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Fitness. When taking part in this kind of fitness, you must be strong enough to fight the demands of waves. You must have a cardio respiratory system that is strong enough to cope intense working out over an extended period of time. And you must have both the flexibility and agility skills needed to remain on your paddle-board and ultimately safe from the dangers of the sea. And when all of these things are worked at the same time, ultimately your overall health is going to benefit greatly.


Working out outside can provide you with a host of natural benefits that cannot be found indoors — what it can also provide you with is a free gym membership, because nobody can charge you to work out outside!

Instead of doing work outs or working out in a place that sucks all motivation out of you, mix up your regime as frequently as possible. By doing so, you keep it fresh. And when your regime is fresh, it is easier to maintain. And when your regime is easier to maintain, so is your motivation for it.