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We are all busy, and finding the time to make major changes to your workout routine can be tough, especially if you are already getting moaned at because you don’t get home from the gym until 10 pm at night, as it is. So instead why not try these quick and easy hacks that can improve your training without adding extra time your sessions?


Pile on the protein


You probably know by now what protein is good for building muscles, but with so many different products out the how can you know which one to pick? Well, part of the choice is about convenience. Is it easier to bash down a shake before breakfast or grab a protein bar, post workout to refuel? If so then go for it.


However, other factors come into this choice as well such as your dietary preferences. If you are vegan, you aren’t going to want the traditional protein that is made from the leftover whey in the cheese making process. Luckily there are vegetarian and vegan pea protein options now that you can buy to help you with this.

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Set an incremental plan


Instead of spending longer in the gym you may need to look at your goals and targets and tweak them, so they are more effective. For example, when deadlifting use an incremental increase plan to help you up the weights you are pressing and improve your workout.


Using a plan that has a way of being tracked on your fitness wearable or through an app on your phone can really help with this process too. This is because it’s super easy to remain motivated as you know exactly what you need to do in each session, and you can see your progress right there in black and white.

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Fuel up before you go


Next, something that can really help you get the best out of your training is fuelling up before you go. Obviously many folks like to use foods high in protein such as chicken breast, tuna, or lentils. Or protein products like bars and shakes, like the ones mentioned above, for this. Although serious bodybuilders often also use pre workouts and supplement like Testofuel to add to their effectiveness.  


But why? Well, you can see from the results of Testofuel that some supplements can help you have more energy to work out, increase your strength, and even elevate your mood. All things that can help you get the most out of each and every training session you do.


Change it up now and again


Something else that can be incredibly helpful in getting the most out of your training regime is to not do the same activities all of the time.


Yes, that right changing things up now and again not only helps you to reduce the risk of injury, as you are working for different muscle groups. But it also keeps your body guessing on what will come next. Something that has been proved to help build muscle and burn fat.