I’ve never been one to talk about myself. I always felt that if there was something important to tell, it would speak for itself. When people have to talk about themselves, I usually find there is not much there worth hearing as their attempts only cheapens their accomplishments. In attempts to write a bio page about who I am, I have decided to simply answer some questions I often get asked. Here goes

  1. What was my family like
  2. What got me into bodybuilding
  3. What are my goals/how do I perceive life
  4. What exercises do I think are best
  5. How do I have such perfect abdominals


(1)What was my family like?

Growing up I was the oldest in my family followed by 2 younger sisters spanning a total 6 year age gap.

We were and still are the typical brother and sister team, we love to fight and push one another’s buttons to the max, but at the same time have and always will be there for one another on a serious level  full of love and support.

My family growing up was text book the most loving and caring parent’s hard working successful though never so consumed on work that they didn’t put us kids in the front of their priorities.

They would be there to kick your ass when you got out of line, pick you up when you fall and get you to try again. Most of all they never shut down any dream I had yes they may say it’s not a good idea and show me reasons as to why, but never once afraid to let me learn the outcome on my own. T

hey are my biggest supporters in the beginning of my fitness carrier, from helping me with food and supplements down to gym memberships, I believed he less excuses to fail the better and they helped to erases most of them.

I really hope that even threw all the hardships and game changing events in my recent life with my parents I will be half of the role models that they have been to my sisters and I.

(2)What got me into Bodybuilding?

I started lifting two months before spring break of 2010. A friend of mine gave me a store discount card and I figured why not go and try something and see what it’s about.

Like a lot of beginners, I wanted to get huge; I decided in two months I’d be big for the beach -ha-ha ya right if it was only that easy! The first time I ever lifted I was hooked and just kept doing it to improve myself and to look better.

The more and more I went it became a growing obsession, I soon found myself only thinking about the gym and unable to wait to get another session in.

After I started to get some size on me I finally fell in love with the mental state it put me in, at that moment I got certified through ISSA. The rest is history after that I decided to set a goal and that was to get on stage and be number one in the fitness industry and I plan to make that goal happen.

(1)What are my goals/how do I perceive life?

I try and look at the beauty in life and stay positive no matter how hard everything may seem ,there is always a way out you just have to choose to find it and never give up.

For example, I want to be the top athlete in the fitness industry and a very recognized model, most think this is crazy that I would put my body and life on such a straight and narrow path reaching for a goal that I have not come to terms with.

To these people I laugh and say “what have you done today” because I have already changed who I was this morning when I wake up tomorrow I will be a better and brand new me. I stand by what my goals are, being a trainer I walk the talk my body shows that I’m dedicated to the cause I live every single day.

In life there is always going to be haters and the bigger the population the more that are going to follow you. Pay them no attention these are the people that are trying to bring your success and short comings to a close only to justify their sorry excuse for why there life is how it is, only because they lacked the courage and commitment to stand up and go for something that many would not dare start, because it’s too hard or it’s the path less traveled.

Well I love the path less traveled that’s how a person knows exactly who they are. Like Arnold said “the worst thing I think I could be is exactly like everyone else” There is so much truth behind that idea. Go out and b eat your own path through life don’t follow in the footsteps of another, and in doing so once your time is gone your name will echo through eternity, I believe those who stray and dare to challenge the third party subjected nature of society is how legends are created.

(4)What exercises do I think are best?

Deadlift- Because since I started doing them my entire back has changed it has helped me to develop a serious back for my size.

Decline Bench- Simply I feel that it hits your entire chest more than any movement, this is up for debate by many but it works for me

Shoulder Press- Massive shoulders and running alongside well developed traps to me is the ultimate goal. In combination it’s my favorite or all muscle groups


(5) How do I have such perfect abdominals?

Genetics and even training or top, bottom, the side walls and lower back. Muscle shape for the most part is genetic and it’s something we all live with some have a good upper chest, some have great calves. For me I was gifted with perfectly proportioned abs equal spacing and symmetrical shape all the way around that gives me a huge advantage already.

That’s not to say training is not key, to often a part of the abs are neglected and over time they can begin to pull and be uneven, usually because the lack of lower back focus. Training is key and most be done frequently so they stay looking there best




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