Age: 24
Height: 5’8in
Weight: 160lbs

Federation: NPC

Category: Men’s Physique


Quirt McDonald’s journey is a remarkable one to follow as his drive and ambition are unmatched.

Quirt’s story is remarkable and we had the pleasure of discussing the key elements in his career as an athlete and fitness model.

His journey is at its beginning and what a beginning it is, wouldn’t you say?


What were the defining moments in your life as an athlete?

I was always a very competitive athlete, from growing up playing baseball and soccer, to being on competitive shooting teams. I did my best to be the best at every sport I played. Not always turning out that way -of course- I still never gave up.


How did you get started in competitive bodybuilding?

I started lifting two months before spring break of 2010. A friend of mine gave me a store discount card and I figured why not go and try something and see what it’s about.

Like a lot of beginners, I wanted to get huge, I decided in two months I’d be big for the beach -haha ya right if it was only that easy!

The first time I ever lifted I was hooked and just kept doing it to improve myself and to look better.

The more and more I went it became a growing obsession, I soon found myself only thinking about the gym and unable to wait to get another session in.

After I started to get some size on me I finally fell in love with the mental state it put me in, at that moment I got certified through ISSA.

The rest is history after that I decided to set a goal and that was to get on stage and be number one in the fitness industry and I plan to make that goal happen.


LeaningWhere does your motivation stem from?

Motivation in my life comes from my father, he has a no giving up attitude.

I saw how he was in sports and work and realized that I wanted to be successful as well.

In the gym the mental high I get is unlike anything out there. It puts me in a state of mind that I can’t begin to describe, the changes my body goes through day in and day out to build the perfect me with maximum AESTHETICS is all that is keeping me going.

We as humans can’t control the future, when we will die, or if it rains. But we can control our health and how we look, so I will continue sculpting my image exactly how I want it to be.


What are your future bodybuilding/fitness goals?

I plan on competing as much as I can, I want to go pro, but most of all I plan on getting into modeling and making a name for myself there, life is about the legacy we leave behind and I want to give those I leave something to remember me by, I want my name to echo through eternity.


WalkingWhat workout routine has worked best for you?

I honestly can’t say what routine has been best for me.

I tend to take a little of what I see people around me do, as well as what pros say are the best. I think in trying all these out for myself I have been able to develop a training program that is suitable for me and me alone, I’m at the point where I don’t record my lifts or sets, I go in on chest day and feel the weight out (as with other days) and if I feel I need to focus on upper chest I do, I go off what I see in the mirror and train to target what is lagging.

I always liked heavy workouts, so I still continue to lift heavy. Regardless of whether I’m bulking or cutting, I still lift heavy. If you’re a natural athlete with an ectomorph body type (my body type is actually a mix between ectomorph and mesomorph) you should use heavier weights to maintain good muscle density.

I train one muscle group per day, because I train often, about 6 times a week.


What are your favorite exercises?

Shoulder presses by far are my favorite I love the pump I get from it.

Best overall lift I think deadlifting is my go to lift, feeling the contractions threw my toes to my traps all working together as one really puts a smile on my face.


What is your diet like?

The difference in my bulking diet compared to the ones I used in the past is that now I add more fat to my menu; both saturated and unsaturated. The reason for that is that it helps me maintain higher levels of testosterone, which actually has a very positive effect on my strength and my muscle mass gains, when I’m cutting I am now on a high protein low carb diet and my cardio is through the roof.

I progress threw a climb in protein consumption 100g on my first meal up to 250g on my 5th meal my carbs change depending on the food choice I pick during each meal but the numbers maintain the same within a few grams of one another.


arms backWhen trying to cut down do you prefer to use HIIT or SSCV?

SSCV for me is the go to cardio, reason why well that’s simple I’d rather be on a Stairmaster at a lower intensity but achieving better results in shorter time then I would by sprinting full out on a treadmill. Nobody enjoys cardio, and frankly I don’t plan to make it any more dreadful than it already is.


What is your supplementation like?

Your basics of course.

Fish oil






As far as things added to that. I use protein powders usually a muscletech product. Mr HYDE pre workout from ProSUPS. If I’m cutting then I use a thermal and others to help me cut but for the most part I stick to the basics.


What advice would you give to new beginners as well as well establish competitors?

My biggest piece of advice is when you start to loose motivation because your progress has stopped. Don’t just go out and change everything that you can at once. Change one thing at a time and see what it does for you, that way you can tell what part of your diet, training, or supplementation was lagging.

Thank you!


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