Scott Birch ~ Got to give a big shout out to my coaches Matt Wild and Yo Wild at TEAM WILD. It’s hard nowadays to find a coach who genuinely invest times in their athletes oppose to just copy and pasting the same plans to everyone. They have helped me expand my knowledge for when I set up my business at the end of the year, especially when it comes to eating carbs (something I’m usually scared of) yet I’m looking better and fuller than ever during prep. They always got my back and there to help.. fully recommended by Mr Birch πŸ™‚ Anybody competing or who just wants a summer body give them a shout!!! Tell them I sent ya and you’ll get a discount price. 😜

Elvis Coleman | No need for words. πŸ˜€ The results speak for themselves. πŸ’ͺ The service you provide is second to none and always professional. πŸ‘

Shelly Andrews | The service provided speaks for itself. Easy to follow meal plans tailored to me and my needs, honest and loving duo who make it simple and straight to the point. They definitely take into consideration any health concerns and are truly honest. They get the job done!

Fred L’ Anglais | Great service, great knowledge, good price and great availability. Not just there for the money.

Joseph Donohue | Signed up with TEAM WILD a few years back… I was having trouble cutting weight… Team Wild helped with my nutrition plan and I dropped fat to achieve my goals… Recently signed back up for my new goals… Keep growing!

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Marcos Carreras GumΓ‘ | Best coach ever, friendly, always ready to help and the most important, they know what they do. For me more thanΒ  coaches – friends.

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Nicky Short | Great service all round, easy meal plans to follow, always there at the end of a message to help out with questions and tips, tried so many fad diets in the past and failed joining TEAM WILD has payed off so far so good highly recommend to anyone, don’t knock them till you’ve tried them…keep up the hard work guys. πŸ’ͺ🏾

Joseph Donohue | Everyone has a goal… Keep growing… Be the best I can be… One life one chance πŸ˜€ Team Wild.
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Ronny Snel | I reached my highest weight ever. 1’73cm tall and weighed 94,8kg... And then there was Matt Wild, there was an instant connection I can say. We chatted and I told Matt my past and what happened after I became a father: (my friends will know) My body was holding fat because of all the stress, my cortisol was mountain high. My hormones where off for months, also because I had Epstein Bar virus for 18 months during that time. The things we had to overcome during the last 4 years is alot to handle, but we did! We did handle it!

Matt offered his personal help and I can’t describe how happy and lucky I’m I accepted his help. Matt believed in me on the days I didn’t believe in myself!

With a lot of ups and down I have now lost 20,1kg weight, aprox. 15% fat and gained a lot of muscle with help of Team Wild !

You got this! Team up!

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Maruska Braviakova | One of the best decision I ever made was to contact Yo and Matt. Last 2 years I lost myself. Couldn’t go back on track of healthy lifestyle and lack of motivation in the gym and injuries got me to be overweight. With their help I lost now altogether 15kg and finally found old me! Even improved on my biggest weakness! Having bigger arms and better tummy.πŸ™‚ Yo Wild and Matt Wild they not give you just the diet and training plan to follow. They give you their knowledge, support and helping hand when you need it! You want to change your look, they are the people you need to get in touch with!
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Ed Hawkins | Spoke with Matt for a few minutes and was Sold! No BS. Straight talk. Great advice. Very knowledgeable. It’s not a cookie-cutter plan. It’s Nutrition, Workouts and PROPER supplementation…In That Order. Matt and Yo are Top Notch and take your goals and results as serious as you do. And I think the results speak for themselves.
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Michael Pilch | I could not be happier with the results from working with TEAM WILD. Matt and Yo are extremely knowledgeable and very professional. They answered every question and email in a timely fashion. I plan on working with team wild again and would highly recommend Matt and Yo.

Alyssa Landau | Great at communication, the best I’ve found. Also great with tailoring your food preferences and always changing up rep ranges and cardio to keep your body guessing. Can’t wait to start with you guys again – I need the help I’ve had too much fun.πŸ˜‰

Iulia Zaha | The results speak for themselves πŸ™‚ I went from being skinny and untoned to a stronger person everyday, both physically and mentally. Team Wild is the best, loads of patience in explaining everything, they have the answers to whatever it may concern you and they don’t sugar coat it, very honest people. Extremely highly recommended πŸ˜€ you will for sure be super happy if you choose to work with them.

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Danny Butler | Yeah there the best around without a doubt. I first used Matt few years ago and didn’t get the results I wanted simply due to me not wanting it enough nothing to do with Matt and yo’s advice. I used several others since then but this year I thought let’s try The wilds again and it’s finally clicked with me. I’m not using these guys to look better although that is a nice bonus but I’m using them mainly to improve my performance inside the boxing ring and Iv got to say Iv never felt better and it is all down to There advice. I am a pain in the arse for them, I ask millions of questions, I analyze everything they ask me to do and second guess it and not once I’m a ever made to feel like I’m asking to much of them. Could bang on all day about how good they are but I won’t just look at what Iv achieved with them in just over 3 months.


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Dan Harman | Top shout out goes to TEAM WILD!

Found Matt and Yo on my mates fb when I was looking for a coach, to restart my bodybuilder life after a big car crash!! like always a bit unsure if there any good ect as no one I know used them, but I Fort Worth a shot! And bloody hell! I would never go back or use anyone else! There service is unreal, I get a reply within the time frame they give, this is now my 3rd diet plan with them and each time I’m bigger and better! If you ever wanna be in the best shape of your life message one of them now! It’s never to late!

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Don Sadet | I won’t need to share any pictures but I can definitely tell you that I’m quite in love with the TEAM WILD family.

I know they’ll disagree but they’re the best in the business. They’re so meticulous not because you’re paying them but because they wake up and love their jobs. They say when uou love your job you never work a day in your life.

How fun is it to be able to not only change someone’s body but someone’s complete mindset on life? To be able to switch off that mentality that you’re hungry so you should just keep shoving food in your mouth or if you’re not hungry to not eat. Yo be able yo create self discipline and self control. To be able to make you love the process and teach you how to love the life you’re living despite how hard and straining it can get.

Yeah team wild gives you results. How many coaches can give you new perspectives? How many coaches can show you true friendship and show true appreciation for sticking with them and trusting them?

Why would I recommend team wild to anyone? Because after almost 2 years with them I can vouch for them like my family. They’ve been there for me every damn step. Answering every question and always reminding me how hard it’s gonna be and reminding me to suck it up when I need to. There is no games no gimmicks. Play the part of the person being coached by following what they say snd you’ll find inside your hearts and minds a new human being, a new you. What’s a new body without a new mind? You will learn shortly that you’re capable of anything you want to do. When you look in thst mirror after 16 weeks. After 1 year. After 2 years. Just as I have been you’re able to feel the confidence radiating off your skin. The true belief in yourself that you may not have had in the past. Team wild I can’t ever thank them enough. They gave me back my life and my happiness. I owe them more than just a thank you. They’ve watched me go from 30% body fat to under 13% in the process and during this time they’ve seen my smiles get bigger. My life become happier and all around they’ve taught me thst as long as i have a plan, and I stick to it, I will achieve.

Team wild IS the best out there. ❀❀

Here’s just a 12 week change although I’ve been with them since the beginning of 2015.

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Rome Dela Rosa They are amazing. I can honestly feel like a spartan warrior after finishing what they require me to do. Top service and no BS.

Craig Malia Top notch almost instant replies great advice and really want u to succeed not just take your money and dish out generic crap like some tailored to u and your needs 100% recommend.

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Chris Trummer | There are a lot of fake coaches and guru’s online especially on Facebook and Instagram, where everybody who ever looked at a bowl of oats and a dumbbell thinks he/she is a fitness coach.

So finding a coach that knows what they’re doing, in a world full of twats, is hard. Thank goodness I found Team-Wild a couple of years ago.

They got me in the best shape of my life with real food and there results I got then where amazing. I still follow them and have them as friends watching them post new amazing client transformations everyday.. and to be honest if I wouldn’t have experienced it myself, I wouldn’t believe the results they post.

But I’m one of them and know some of their other results too, so I know it’s true.

They’re an amazing kind and wonderful couple that not only talk the talk but also walk the walk ! They take their time answering your questions and help you where they can.

Try it, you sure as hell won’t regret it ! I just started my new plan today, and this winter I’ll hire them for my Bulk.

Fred L’ Anglais | 24h ( almost lol) availability , great knowledge and good price ! Go for TEAM WILD!

Tyler Moore | No complaints from me, good service, good results. And PayPal will refund services not performed so really no worries. I don’t know why people fret.


Elvis Coleman | 100% professional, friendly, only have their clients interests at heart, knowledgeable, basically if you wanna get into amazing shape these are the guys you need to be hiring πŸ˜€

Annette Bell | Absolutely brilliant better than I ever expected when I joined TEAM WILD 5 months ago. Weekly updates, can message anytime about anything and they get straight back. Very cheap for what you get underpriced in my eyes. To get me ready for a show in 5 moths just amazing no way could I have done it without there help. Thanks Matt and yo. πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘™


Anne Marie Williamson | Very responsive, professional, i like the diet with the variety of food and I’m enjoying how the rep-range is changed weekly. They definitely can help you with your goals and u do think by looking at Yo and Matts own physiques you can see they know what they are doing i am getting good results with more weeks to follow x πŸ™‚
Iulia Zaha | There is absolutely no chance to get the feeling you got robbed. Excellent nutritional plans and advices, excellent training programs, they do everything to help you, except doing the exercises and eating for you :)) Amazing people, I recommend their services to anyone who’s serious about making changes in their lifestyle and appearance.

Ronny Snel | Where to begin?! Once Apon a time ……..πŸ˜‰. I’m glad i have met both coaches. They are truly amazing, they know there business. Level of professional is of the roof. Knowledgeable! Talking from experience! They are coached and learning from a beast them selfs. Always taking time to answer questions. They know their clients, diet is personalized, training, supplements etc.

If you want a life change then this is it! #teamwild rocks!

Silviu Pelin | Well, I never thought about the gym more than a trend, something that needs so much devotion. Team Wild changed completely my perspective. After I’ve started with them, my thinking, strength, form, MY BODY reached new lvls. In 5 years of going to the gym I didn’t get not even 10% of the results I got with Matt and Yo in almost a year. I could easily say that I really started my fitness journey right after I became a Team Wild athlete!Thank you Matt, thank you Yo ! For making me a better person not only physically ! But mentally strong too !

Yamilette Rivera | I would have to say the level of service is spot on my questions are answered in a timely manner and In great detail . When I have spoken of you guys I always stress two main things your knowledge and your no BS attitude . I truly feel you are the best trainers I have ever hired . I do not feel as tho i am wasting my money as I keep learning new things almost everyday . Again I can’t stress enough there knowledge……well worth the money.


Maxine Boulton | Fantastic service, every question answered straight away, helpful friendly, positive people. Diet is great and easy to follow, carnt wait for a few more weeks to pass 😊 πŸ’– πŸ’ͺ


Toya E SuΓ‘rez | Everyone has said everything I think already so I won’t repeat that. The only negative is… JUST KIDDING, I can’t say anything negative. I think they are good people who genuinely care about their clients. They work hard and give you info that you need to learn and succeed. They tell me why I’m doing things and that is important to me. They are so kind and patient with my questions of “what’s this and that for” or “when should I take this” because I haven’t a clue. I trust them blindly and I’ve got what I asked for initially from them. Now I’m taking it further and seeing where my body shape goes from here. I’m likely to sign up again once my package is over. The only thing they won’t do is take you to the gym and do your weights for you- you’ve got to do that bit yourself I’m afraid 😜
Paul Stanford | As a total novice to weight training, they have guided me, and adjusted my diet/exercise weekly, I was dubious at first, being online etc, but i haven’t looked back, the guidance and support is A1 and well worth the money, customer service is top class, whole heartedly recommended.

Craig Malia | From the first day no bullsh*t ! Basically here are the tools if you don’t understand ask (generally answered within the hour) do what they say and the results will speak for themselves ! if you are hiring a coach they need to practice what they preach (you only have to look at the recent photos) always keen to make sure the client is happy ! Basically I know I am not an Guinea pig I am being treated as an individual with individual goals and Matt and yo are the experts telling me how to get there! I just simply eat what they say take the supplements they say when they say do the cardio and gym that they say and the results are there ! I already preach about team wild. To anyone that will listen I can’t recommend them enough what more do u want in a coach? England

Ronny Snel | Hi everyone, I’m working with TEAM WILD and i can highly recommend. They know there business and have a lot of knowledge. Every diet is just for the person they are coaching, it suits your needs and your goals. Fast responds on questions. If you want a new you, start today with TEAM WILD, they are building better bodies!
Vicky Clissett | Err hellooo?? Y wouldn’t people recommend you?? You guys have transformed not only my body but my mindset too. Coaches that are real genuine nice people that care about your clients. I could sit here and write a load of great things about y people should work with u but i think pictures speak louder. I may b sat here enjoying the build up to Christmas and eating chocolate πŸ™ˆ but thats also something else u taught me!! Balance in life and enjoying every single bit of it πŸ˜€ may 2016 b another great year as i also signed with these great coaches for another year πŸ’ͺ🏻 Looking forward to 2016 with these great people πŸ˜€
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Fred L’ Anglais | Great knowledge and great availability 24h almost.. Great team to work with.
Yamilette Rivera | I wasn’t tagged but I’ll say that my experience so far have exceeded my expectations I honestly have never dealt with such knowledgable trainers . I would in a heart beat refer Team Wild matter of a fact as soon as I am asked what I am doing my first words are Team Wild. My success so far has been because of them . πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‹πŸΌπŸ‹πŸΌπŸ‹πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’₯πŸ‘ŠπŸ½
Tom Roberts | I can echo what’s already been said. As for recommendations, my Wife starts after Christmas and is excited to take her body to the next level! Flawless coaching all the way from Romania, to the UK. πŸŽ„πŸ‘
Michael Pilch | I would highly recommend Team Wild. Matt aNd Yo are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They answered email questions very quickly and the results exceeded my expectations.
Lizzie Cockayne | I asked how I could get an athletic look. I asked for PT sessions to ensure I was training correctly,and help with my weaknesses which were at the time my legs and glutes.

Within four weeks i was leaner than I’d ever been, I continued to make steady progress, yet I’d been training for years blindly without results for my hard labor.

Pro knowledge is priceless, I have put many people forward to use Team Wild, and I will continue to do so.

Silviu Pelin | Best decision of my life until now. Managed to reach ~5% bodyfat , enter a bb competition in the Mens Physique category. Now I’m trying to recover my bodyfat , I had some problems for 2-3 weeks and now they are helping me to drop bf again so I can start bulking properly. Always there for me , when I have questions or I am in doubt about something. Not only coaches for me and FRIENDS above all. They know their stuff 100% , no bullshit when it comes to their work and nothing to object.


Don Sadet | USA and Israel. I was coached in both and I love these 2 genuine people. They’re not only amazing informed knowledged coaches. They produce results. They don’t just bullshit and let you get away with bullshit. They tell it as it is and try their best to cut your shit lifestyle out and create a stronger better you. Beyond coaching they happen to be good hearted individuals who honestly love their jobs and love their work. They say when you love whst you do, you don’t work a day in your life. These 2 don’t work they live and I love them for that. If you need proof of results – don’t just look st their clients. Look st the coaches! Both Yo and Matt made incredible progress with their own bodies. Night and day differences and I trust them with my progress. I give them a 20/10
Jess Llewellyn | A picture speaks a thousand words… Best decision I ever made. They’re extensive diet and gym knowledge is what I needed. On my own I would never have the results I have now after just eight weeks with TEAM WILD πŸ™‚ I would recommend the both of you one million percent πŸ™‚ … I mean who wouldn’t want there dream body πŸ™‚ #teamwildrock πŸ™‚ Awesome πŸ™‚ you won’t regret it πŸ™‚Β I certainly don’t. ^ x TEAM WILD rock x
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Richard Gehm | Would highly recommend TEAM WILD they tell you how it is no bullshit if you are not doing what you are supposed to the will tell you top coaches will be staying with them #topcoaches #teamwild


Elvis Coleman | Professional, no bs and all the knowledge you could ask for 😁 best thing, apart from seeing my little girl being born, I’ve done 😊

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Martyn Pinto Well worth combining your effort with Team Wilds help & knowledge to getting the results your wanting faster.
Dan Harman This was me after 10 weeks working with Matt Wild, will be back with him after Xmas πŸ™‚
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Bianca Lindblad TEAM WILD has totally opened my eyes to how I eat and the results reflect immediately in how I feel as well as how I look. I’ve lost 25 lbs of body fat in 16 weeks with them and have no doubt that I will have the body of my dreams in 2016 with their help. Can’t recommend them enough. I would have never figured out this on my own.
Joseph Donohue | Team wild… Without their help in the beginning of my journey I wouldn’t be where I am today…

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Julius Bieliauskas | Team Wild number one! Always a great support and quick support. Thanks!

Yamilette Rivera | I myself was extremely depressed after loosing my boyfriend two and a half years ago to suicide I went from my fittest to my fattest depressed unmotivated unsure of life . And in the middle of this year decided I really was going to take back my life and hire team wild really follow there plan to the best of my ability with some fails here and there but either way I literally cannot thank them enough for helping me finally feel good about myself . I am getting back to the old me slowly… πŸ’œ

Brenda Pearson | I would just like to say a huge thank you to you both.Β  You have been so supportive, always on hand when I had a query (and I had a fair few in the beginning never having lifted a weight in my life).Β  However, I have come a long way since then, all thanks to Team Wild.

In the 16 weeks you have coached me, I have lost 30lbs and dropped 4 dress sizes as well as gaining muscle tone.
I cannot thank you both enough for guiding me through this journey. Β  It will never be forgotten.


Quirt McDonald

What is there that can be said about the wonderful services thatΒ MATT WILD & YO- LAZAROVΒ offer.

I would like to be the first to say, this couple is a training force to be reckoned with.

They should be named β€œTHE POWER COUPLE” why is that well first they have a love for the gym and fitness life that is hard to come by in a single individual but to find it in a partner is something that comes once in a life time.

They together deliver outstanding service, quick responses, and friendly interactions online, and they are willing to accommodate anything you need in your training that you feel is necessary.

Among the many things that can be said I think what stands out the most is,Β THEY ARE REAL.

TheirΒ FacebookΒ pages, website andΒ InstagramΒ are managed by them, if you post on their wall you get a response, if you email them they answer.

There meal plans are not just a cookie cutter copy and pasted plan, time is spent going into each one to make sure that they are giving each individual exactly what they need.

I’m beyond words with the respect I have for this couple and will continue for as long as I’m an active athlete be using their services and be building on the friendship that we have started.

Thanks for all that yall doΒ β€œIt’s hard in life to find passionate caring people who are willing to give back unto others with TEAM-WILD you get that and so much more”

Charlene Hackford

“Matt and Yo are by far the best people to come to for support and advice. If anyone needs a plan they should contact TEAM WILD!!

After gaining almost 3 stone I decided I needed to sort my body issues out. I used to be confident but not anymore.

I managed to lose around 2 stone on my own accord but using fad diets which meant I kept putting weight back on.

TEAM WILD wrote me a personalized plan which supported my ceoliac disease and also foods I liked. With the help and support and after three weeks I have lost around 4-5lbs and have lost 2.5 inches off my waist and also gained muscle especially on my bicep going up a whole 2 inches. πŸ™‚

The training plan is also very good.

I can honestly say I would never lift weights in the past. I always felt embarrassed to go into the gym and do weight buts Matt told me that my place in there is just as good as anyone elses.

As every day goes by I push my self more and more and the more I stay focused the more results I see. eating and training is hard when you aren’t used to it but yo once told me ‘you love the change in your body so you learn to love the foods‘ and she is right.

Overall even tho it’s been hard to adjust it’s been well worth it so far. I shall continue to use TEAM WILD in the future and I thank them very much for their support and time”

Jamie Allen

“I have known Matt and Yo for quite sometime.

I followed majority of Yo’s journey to her first body fitness competition. Was in total awe of the hard work.

I knew after losing weight, running raises and just living the healthy lifestyle wasn’t enough. I wanted more.

I knew TEAM WILD consisted of winners. And both Matt and Yo knew how to get me there. Their plan they gave and created for me, was simple and worth it. Simple? Nothing worth having is easy.

Their responses to any questions, progress pics or anything are answered in a timely matter.

4 weeks being with Matt and Yo, have kicked things up a notch, things don’t seem so hard or confusing with coaching, and someone beside you if you ever need them there.

Thanks again Matt and Yo!!”

Katie Grimwood

“Can I just say if any one needs a diet plan to use Team Matt Wild! I got a customized training plan and diet and I have lost 4 pounds in less then a week!! I have tried every diet going and this has been the easiest to stick to! I have never been hungry and haven’t even been craving chocolate! If you need a bit of help to get to your goals team wild is the way to go!”

Kris Listowski

“My fitness story, after being a fit healthy gym goer for a few years and being active I hit my peak about 2 years ago. I was a happy vibrant active guy until a freak accident caused me to break my humerus bone, for those that don’t know, that is the big bone between the shoulder and elbow. After 3 surgeries to repair this involving 9 screws and a metal plate I was healed. The best surgeon in the South if England finally put my arm back together after over a year of having a broken arm and significant muscle loss. Upon discharging me after my final x ray I was told I would not be back to lifting weights for a very long time. I had two options. Accept the doctor’s advice to not touch weights for at least 1-2 years or get back on the horse and get back what I had lost. I will never forget my first gym session after being told my arm was fully healed. It felt like I had never touched weights before. 5kg dumbells were painful (I used to lift in the 20’s) the pain was unbearable, the burn like pins being drilled into my muscles. I fought through the pain, the tears the heartbreak and the people that said to accept that I wouldn’t be able to do the same weights again. One random night I came across Matt and Yo’s page. Apprehensive at first I asked Matt for a tip on cutting. At this point after 6 months of hardcore training I had bulked up but the definition was just not there. I was told to follow a strict diet by Matt. That one diet and that one show of generosity from Matt has changed me forever. I have lost 5kgs over 6 weeks I have definition I have bulk I feel amazing and my confidence is back. Everyone in my life has noticed the change. I finally have my spark back and I have been inspired to hit my absolute peak.

The ultimate goal is to compete at a UKBFF event.

Matt and Yo you are both an inspiration and I hope to thank you in person one day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Alessio Agostinis

Matt is an exceptionally supportive, caring, professional and ethical coach. Having known hardly anything and, in total honesty, having actually previously frowned upon body building as a ‘sport’, the amount of determination, good nutrition, tips for wellbeing and simply put, genuine, caring encouragement and leading by example, have been fantastic from the Wild Team, who have gone the extra mile to support, clarify and modify advice, wherever required.

This was despite having had already personal interest prior to this in a variety of sports, including but not limited to running long-distance and army-like courses, martial arts and meditation practice and several dietary approach, without prior appreciation for the need of boosting metabolism, that Matt gave me.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending what has been, in my view, extremely well invested and very little money, in comparison to the high return! Hat off to you guys!

Drew Painter

A lot of my friends will be thinking about getting fitter and loosing a few pounds in the new year. When I hit 40 I wanted to loose weight and get fitter.

I had always been interested in nutrition and training but I fell off the wagon. I also realized that social media and the internet had a mammoth amount of information on how to get results.

Because of the this huge amount of data and info I often found myself second guessing what to do. So I decided to put all that guess work in someone else’s hands.

I contacted Matt Wild and his wife Yo Wild from Team Wild. I had seen some of their work and body transformations they do for their clients that were amazing.

Sometimes you see theses pics and don’t believe in the results. This is a reason I have post mine as most of you will know me.

They did me a program nutrition and training. I had to contact them every week regarding progress via Internet. And left everything to them, they were there every step, all I had to do was eat the foods and do the training.

No fads, no second guessing just follow the programme and get results.

I would highly recommend them if you are thinking of getting some help achieving your new 2017 body.

We asked on Facebook: For those people who may be considering working with TEAM WILD – what would people who have worked with us have to say about us?

Scott Birch | Do it πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’―

Catherine Sapphire Dachtler | Highly professional and know your shit!!

U know your stuff 4 sho! Admire your strategies and your results are second to none ‘

Ronny Snel | If you want results, no nonsense, no bullshit, the truth, friendship, guidance, knowledge, proffesionals, research, facts ➑️ hire teamwild.

And! They practise what they teach πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Elliott Brock | Best coaches one could work with. Never spoken on the phone and have never met in person, yet they’re better on line than many people are in person. They give me the very best advice and directions I could get. I’ll be proud to say I’ve worked with them from the beginning when they become world renowned, because it’s coming.

Don Sadet | Honestly, my favorite part of the entire experience is knowing i dont have to worry about doing anything other than follow the instructions. The results are always guaranteed granted you follow. These arent my coaches anymore these people are my family and its worth the time and effort.

Elvis Coleman | No need for words. πŸ˜€ The results speak for themselves. πŸ’ͺ The service you provide is…

Fred L’ Anglais | Great knowledge but most importantly great contact with 2 genuine people who Will do what is best for you 24/7

Annette Bell | Amazing results from team wild. Got me ready for a bikini show in 4 months. Very professional and was just an email away . Loved it that much all be joining them in a couple of weeks again. Can’t wait x

Elvis Coleman | Quite simply #thebestinthebusiness

Shone Joy | More Carbs=More ripped bye bye to keto diet you guys are brilliant πŸ™‚

Ross Barford | Results speak for themselves! Matt and yo are fantastic and know there shit πŸ‘πŸ’―

Martyn Pinto | If you don’t give it a go you’ll never know!

Nothing’s easy but Matt and Yo will keep you on track and show you the best way to obtain results. It’s then up to you to do the work and stick to plan.

Kristina Bell | If you want to look amazing, eat right, get honest and educated advise and get 100% from a wonderful couple that know their shit from experience the The Wild team are the the best possible people for you πŸ’ͺ🏻

David Palmer | Honest no bs talk. Always available and timely and give you excellent advice on what needs adjustments. Best investment for one to have if they want to get in shape and are committed to see results.

Lee Morris | Professional and to re iterate some of the points above, always prompt
With replies and happy to try and fit on foods you want into your plan with a bit notice. Highly reccomend

Lungu Adi EmiΒ  They are good!

Sean Tyler Robson | Good people know their shit

Stuart Alexander Gilbert | Best decision I made for my health ever. Changed my body shape, my lifestyle and my attitude towards training and nutrition.
Lovely people, very friendly and knowledgable. Can’t recommend them enough. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’ͺ🏼

Brenda Pearson | Professional, approachable, no-nonsense service that delivers results and doesn’t cost the earth. Would definitely recommend #TeamWild

Emma May | Learnt so much, you can do anything if you put your mind to it, the training process was great nutrition process was absolutely difficult but rewarding to see the end result! You will not be disappointed with the results

Fiona Butterly | Don’t think twice ..best advice you’ll get ..best value for money too ..know what they’re talking about

Menna Lukey | Clear instructions and plan to follow . Follow as instructed and boy does it work .
I am having a break currently due to illness but will be on my 3rd block soon .
Highly recommend

Rob Rushforth | Let my pictures do the talking. Day 1 and week 6.

Louise Gilkinson | Honestly wish I had done it a year ago seen more progress now than I have in a year would definitely not have achieved the same results on my own and they go above and beyond what I expected from online coaching I have improved not only aesthetically but changes to my health and well being as a whole definitely worth the investment ❀️

Shaughn Millerwaspayne | Got reviews here mate, ive had a minor setback with work or id be starting this week. Il be back in work no time, then cutdown it isπŸ˜‰

Iulia Zaha | I learned so much from Team Wild, nutrition wise, training wise, life wise :))) everything. Awesome people, great meal plans, insanely efficient workout programs, everything is spot-on. All you need is determination, they will do the rest and you will achieve the physique you are dreaming of!

Tina Graystone | Fantastic!!!

Jamie Paterson | Echo all the other comments – straight up and to the point to help you laser in on your personal goal. Get the plan, follow it and let the magic happen 😁 You need to choose your attitude on getting it done, Matt and Yo are amazing… but you’ve got to do the work (exercises and following the diet).

Joseph Donohue | Best thing I ever done was sign up with team wild without there help I wouldn’t be where I am today…


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