Why Is Shoulder Flexibility Important?

Whether you’re new to lifting or experienced, and whether you’re currently experiencing shoulder problems or not, we recommend that you start doing stretching exercises every week.

If you’re currently dealing with shoulder impairments, they will improve symptoms; if you’re not, they will help you maintain optimal shoulder health and function, as well as help prevent future injury.

When most people think of shoulder flexibility, they typically focus solely on the glenohumeral joint (the ball-and-socket joint where your arm bone connects to your shoulder bone).

However, it’s just as important to maintain the flexibility of the muscles and joints that support the glenohumeral joint – mainly your scapula (shoulder blade) and your upper trunk. Without adequate flexibility in the rest of your body, you tend to cause more wear-and-tear on your shoulder.

Anyway, let us begin…

Want to test your shoulder mobility?


If you’re lacking in flexibility there is a few things you can do!

  • Ensure you’re not neglecting your back muscles  in your training, as an imbalance between the chest and back development is the most common cause of shoulder problems.
  • Do shoulder flexibility exercises several times per week.

Some movements that can help your shoulder 

Do these movement 2 twice per week, 2 of each.

    • 2 sets of Shoulder Dislocations

The tightness of your shoulders will dictate how wide your grip needs to be. The tighter they are the wider you’ll need to make your grip. As flexibility improves, however, you will be able to gradually narrow your grip.

2 sets of Around the Worlds

This is a great exercise for not only improving shoulder flexibility, but for strengthening the rotator cuffs as well.

Start with a 10kg plate if necessary and work your way up to a 20kg plate.

2 sets of Door Stretches

Is that it?

No its not!  There a few more exercises you can incorporate.  The video below gives you a few further exercise you can do, to help loosen up your shoulders.


We hope you found this useful!