Whether you are interested in performance profiling or just to simply correct, improve or build upon existing training techniques, diet and nutrition requirements and/or advice on adequate supplementation, the importance of coaching in bodybuilding is one that is often overlooked – be it for athletic professional competitors or those who train for personal reasons and satisfaction.

Skipping the topic of ‘askholes’ – persons who constantly asks for advice, yet always do the opposite of what they were told, purposely failing to implement the requested advice, these time wasters are common in the bodybuilding world and not hard to discern.

We personally try to help everyone – as much as time and resources allow, however – working with doers is far more satisfactory, wouldn’t you say?

If you ask for help, than be prepared to help yourself, as well. Put in the brain power and effort to research the topic you are interested in, be it training, diet or supplementation. Put that gray matter to work.

It is always impressive to see someone has done their homework and require a little push in the right direction, than those who opt for information spoon-feed and lag in investing any required effort that you really need to succeed in this game.

Coaching in the discipline of bodybuilding can take up many forms.

For example, Matt has often received remote coaching. This has him the opportunity to receive unbiased opinions not only on his posing routines, physique, diet and training but also be able to keep in contact with a coach that could be in a different country or continent all together.

Paying for the services of a knowledgeable coach is a personal choice and one that must be wisely taken. If you are serious about your sport than coaching is the way forward, no doubt in my mind. Put it this way, if you already invest substantial resources in supplements, would it not make financial sense to request assistance in educating oneself how to use your purchases effectively for effective gains?


For example, here are Yo’s results under Matt’s coaching:


Networking on social media and websites and in the real world is also a great mean of gaining more knowledge about bodybuilding training, nutrition and supplementation techniques, in addition to bodybuilding magazines.

What is your take? Do you prefer doing it solo or have you hired a coach to help in your goal?