There seems to be something that people struggle to take on board, that there HAS to be a best way. That their method is the RIGHT one.
Logically the body is designed and set up over hundreds of thousands of years to survive no matter what.
Now you may prefer a method, and use it but thats simply N=1 from your personal preference.
Does low carb work? Yes. Does high carb work? Yes.
Does 6 meals work? Yes. Does 3 meals work? Yes.
Do plant based diets work? Yes. Do meat based diets work? Yes.
Does a full body workout work? Yes. Does a body part split routine work? Yes.
And yet, this is the hardest thing for the dichotomously-thinking human brain to grasp because it seems contradictory.
Fueled by marketing, personal ideologies and the guru culture, most people want to keep believing there’s only one true way.
But it doesn’t exist.
The BEST way?
The way for you is the one YOU can follow!