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Today we are answering Nicola Dear‘s questions she has submitted on our FaceBook Page:

I have had a look at the website and it is very informative. It says that you follow a 3 day high/ low carb cycle in the run up to competition- does it then change to the keto diet nearer that competition?

Does the competition diet affect muscle strength?

For example, if you can normally do 3 sets of 10 chin ups, can you expect to still be able to do that on keto/ carb cycling diet? Does it deplete you in terms of athletic performance, or do you plough on through etc.?


Our training story begun in 29th of October. We head to the gym eager for a transformation and we committed to it 100%. Matt has coached Yo from the beginning and her diet and training regime had his devoted attention. And for the past 6 months we lived, breathe, sleep fitness and bodybuilding.

This is our first videos we made, which is dated from 2nd of January 2013.



And this is our latest training video, which is dated from 20th April 2013:

In October 2012 Yo’s diet started as 3 days of low carb followed by a day of high carb as it follows:


Low Carbs Day
Meal 1: 120g lean steak/fish/venison with 30g nuts
Meal 2: 100g chicken/turkey breast and veg
Meal 3: lean steak/fish/venison , some green vegetables with a small handful of nuts
Pre-Workout Meal: protein shake
Meal 4: protein shake, 15g of Glutamine
Meal 5: 150g white fish and 100g vegetables

High Carbs Days
Meal 1: 80g oats with water, and a scoop of whey protein.
Meal 2: 120g chicken breast and veg
Meal 3: 120g extra lean steak, veg and 60g wholegrain rice or similar
Pre-Workout Meal: protein shake
Meal 4: protein shake, 15g Glutamine
Meal 5: 120g white fish, 2-3 baby potatoes potato and veg
Meal 6: protein pancake with 30g peanut butter


To sustain energy levels high and continue to burn adipose tissue, Yo’s diet was switched to Keto diet 7 weeks till the UKBFF Warrington Championship ~ Body Fitness Category (05/05/2013) , and was as follows:


Breakfast Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Egg White – Raw, 6 egg 102 1 0 22 330 1
Medium Free Range Egg, 2 egg 176 0 13 14 100 0
278 1 13 36 430 1
Chicken Breast Fillet, 113 g 156 0 2 35 0 0
Peanut Butter, No Added Salt or Sugar, 30 g 174 3 14 9 1 2
330 3 16 44 1 2
Whey Protein, 35 g 140 3 3 28 67 3
Peanut Butter, No Added Salt or Sugar, 25 g 145 3 12 7 1 1
285 6 15 35 68 4
Rump Steak, 113 g cooked 213 0 11 29 0 0
Almonds, 20 g 116 4 10 4 0 1
329 4 21 33 0 1
Whey Protein, 35 g 140 3 3 28 67 3
Peanut Butter, No Added Salt or Sugar, 25 g 145 3 12 7 1 1
285 6 15 35 68 4
Totals 1,507 20 80 183 567 12

* All meat/savory servings contain 150gr green veg (brocolli / veg) .

Yo has done well on Keto diet, feeling energy on the up due to high fats (between us, Yo’s a peanut-butter addict). When training we always do the best that we can (taking into consideration time availability, personal factors, etc.) on the day and leading up to the competition it is more about maintenance than building or gaining.

The last 10 days during the contest preparations Matt has adjusted the diet to allow and facilitate the removal of water and final traces of fat from under the skin in order to reveal all the detail and muscle Yo is holding.

This is done by the inclusion of carbs, and for a brief time increasing salt and water levels and then reducing them to give Yo a contest ready appearance that you may have seen in magazines and online.

We will explain day-by-day the process undertaken to allow this to happen and show daily progress videos showing how Yo looks day to day.

This will include days when she is water logged – when water is high simply to show how one appears during water loading.


Strength, mental acuity and moods may vary indifferent of diet and to minimize the risk of injury we never “plough through”.


Variables such as occupation, family life and/or environment can influence one’s results tremendously, reason why when we create a client’s personalized diet, training and supplementation plan we take everything into consideration.


We adhere to calculated gains and systematic approaches towards achieving our goals.

We hope hope you enjoy the process and stick with us until contest day and beyond so you may see how Yo develops in the months to come leading up to WBFF Las Vegas in August.

We would like to invite you over the few to join us as we give a detailed account of our preps. So please hit the SUBSCRIBE button on our YouTube Channel and visit our site for updates!
We look forward to hearing your thoughts! :)


Thank you!


PS: Countdown 8 days!!! 🙂

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