With the pressure on to look gorgeous and to fit into that perfect dress on the big day, many

brides opt to take on a get fit challenge in the run up to the wedding. With all eyes on you it’s

not surprising that you will want to look your best so follow these top tips to get fit in time for

your big day.


1. Don’t try to fit in a massive gym routine

While you are trying to plan a wedding the last thing you are going to be able to do is hit the

gym every day. You will be too busy running around looking at venues or dresses, or

flowers, on a daily basis and feeling exhausted, so don’t worry. Gyms are not the only



2. Don’t go on some crazy diet

We all know that crazy diets out there will just lead you to be hungry and cranky and the last

thing you want to be when planning your wedding is an angry bridezilla because your belly is

hungry! You don’t need to go on a crazy diet to look great on your wedding day.

3. Do cut the calories

All you need to do to drop around a pound per week is reduce your calories by 500 per week

and you will see results. See, no crazy diet needed, just a bit of sensible eating and planning

ahead so you don’t grab a chocolate bar when you are stressing.


4. Avoid a bloated belly

If you want to avoid a bloated belly in your wedding dress, try some simple food swaps to get

rid of that puffy feeling. Avoid apples, peaches and pears and go for a banana instead. Swop

alcohol and fizzy drinks for plain water, but if you must have alcohol avoid sugary cocktails

and go for vodka to beat the bloat.


5. Cleanse your system

Try giving your system a natural cleanse by opting for veggies which help to flush out your

system such as celery, cucumber and asparagus. Avoid veggies which can cause bloating,

including broccoli, peas and cauliflower

6. Focus on health, not weight loss

Don’t focus too much on losing weight but on being healthy and fit. Don’t get obsessed with

counting calories or waist measurements but aim to be the healthiest you can be so that you

are ready to start your new life from the best possible position.


7. Focus on problem areas

Focus on key things which you are worried about, perhaps one part of your body in particular

which makes you self-conscious, and focus on a plan to address that particular issue in the

run up to the wedding.


8. Have a fun fitness plan you can enjoy

Don’t go for a punishing, harsh regime in the run up to your wedding day; make it fun to get

fit. You want to be feeling good about yourself, not feeling frustrated and anxious that you

won’t reach unattainable goals or ideals.


9. Plan exercise into your routine

Plan your fitness routine as part of your wedding planning – set yourself time limits and goals

that are achievable within that time. Plan your meals in advance, fit your exercise in around

the daily activities and plans you have – jog to the reception venue, for example.

Be organised – keep healthy snacks in your purse so as you run around town choosing

flowers and napkins, you are not tempted by cakes and chocolates. Get your bridesmaids

working out with you to make it a real fun part of the wedding planning process.

Katie from Orlajames.com agreed “This one was a big one for me, to begin I found myself

out a lot planning the wedding and would go to the nearest café or food place and end up

eating some health disaster. Not only that it also saved me a lot of money taking food with



10. Make sure you plan relaxation time

It’s just as important to look after your mental health and emotions during the run up to a

wedding and with all the stress, family politics and arguments, it’s really important to take

time out for yourself.

You also need to have some healthy couple time, where you escape and spend time

enjoying each other’s company, away from anything wedding-related, to bring you back

down to earth.


Perhaps plan in some relaxing spa days or weekends away together throughout the wedding

planning time so that you can get away and put all of the wedding plans on hold for a while

and just be yourselves.


Hopefully these top 10 tips have helped you to realise that it’s not healthy to obsess over

your weight in the run up to the wedding but it’s easy to take some small changes to improve

your health and get fitter, without turning into a hunger-driven bridezilla!