A question that often crops up is “What diet is best for me?” and that would indeed be a good question!


So which diet is best for me then?
Well, it depends!  Christopher Gardener of Stanford University analyzed the major studies on fat loss.  He found the following conclusions.

On average, with most people low fat and low carbohydrate diets were equally as effective for promoting weight loss.


Oh, so there isn’t a best diet?
Well its not quite that simple.  There are subsections of people that did not fall under the above.  Some people lost far more weight on one type of diet than the other.


Ok, I’m listening, tell me more…
Well, Gardener said that people who tend to be insulin resistant tend to fare much better on low carb, higher fat diets, whilst others fared much better on lower fat, high carbohydrate diets.  This means one may need to try a variety of diets over time to find which dieting style for you – no one shoe fits all approach will work as effectively in everyone.

Anything else to consider?
Yes, your genetic make up.  Whilst one cannot control this, Gardener suggested that simply how one is made will effect how quickly one would burn fat and lose weight as a result.  Clearly one cannot alter this however.


Data taken from International Journal of Obesity Supplements, 2012.


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