You’ve worked up a sweat, exhausted yourself, and made a regular habit out of it. However, you’re not seeing the results you want, which can be depressing. You want to be thinner here, you want to be more toned there. But sometimes exercise isn’t enough. It might be worth being aware of the steps that help you get much greater control of your body shape.


The other 80%

Regular exercise is fantastic, but it’s been well documented that diet is about 80% of all weight loss efforts. If you’re looking for a quick boost, then using a green tea detox diet can help you catch up. But you’re looking to make sustainable changes over time. You’re also looking to eliminate any pesky habits that get in the way of the diet. It’s hard to notice that your little slips and treats here and there might be spoiling the whole push. The best way to see which habits really do intrude too often is to keep a nutritional diary of everything you eat in the day.

Could your metabolism be the answer?

If you’re already exercising, then you’re doing one thing to boost your metabolism, which dictates the rate at which you burn energy. However, some people have a metabolism that’s more stubborn and needs more coaxing along. Again, green tea is one drink work getting more regularly into your diet. But it’s not about what you put in your body, but how you do it. Don’t skip breakfast. The body’s metabolism gets kicked into gear when you start eating, so failing to do so at the start of the day hobbles your energy burning capabilities. Besides regular exercise, you should also look for more opportunities for lower rates of activity, whether it’s walking more often or getting a standing desk at work.


Your diet isn’t giving you what you need

It’s not all about weight loss, either. For some people, it’s about gaining a little muscle so they can have a more toned figure. To that end, you can’t hope to put on muscle if you’re not fuelling your body properly. If you’re controlling your calories, then pre-workout supplements can give you the nutritional boost you need to get the most impact from a workout without having to eat 1000 kcal of meat. Even when aiming to just lose weight, you shouldn’t go into the extremes of calorie control. Eating below your basal metabolic rate will put the body into starvation mode, which means you just hold onto more fat.

The direct approach

The problem a lot of people have is that they’re losing weight or building muscle, but not where they want. Besides direct options like laser liposuction, there are no ways to choose where you get to lose weight. On the other hand, there are ways to decide where you build muscle. Simply research what parts of the body you want to tone, figure out which muscles dictate that, and vary your workout to account for them.

Beyond following the tips above, be aware of the way your body is and try to shape your look more towards that natural form. A pear lady will always be a pear lady and the sooner you learn to accept what you are, the more you can focus your efforts on the changes that will actually work.