do-not-copy-business-copy-document-file-filingWhy You Can’t Copy Someone Else’s Diet:

– You don’t have the same amount of muscle mass they do
– You don’t have the same hormonal profile they do
– You don’t train like them
– You don’t do cardio like them
– You aren’t as lean as they are
– You aren’t as consistent as them
– Your body is a dynamic, rather than static system, and your diet needs to be monitored and adjusted on a regular basis


So what does this mean to TEAM WILD, and our clients?  Well its hugely relevant!  As the post above details, a diet is relevant to you specifically.

Why each of our plans is based on YOU our client!
And why each week you need to check in with details requested so we can see how YOU respond.
You aren’t a set response for a set weight and height. You are YOU and we tailor each update on YOU!
ANYONE who updates your planning simply by running numbers through a set calculator isn’t coaching you, just calling you average and completely ignoring your individual response.
Think about it!!!