What do you need?
1 scoop of your favoured whey (around 35g, low carb at around 2-3g per serving)
1 whole egg
50g berries (vary over time)
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 Tbs Spenda


Nutritional Details
Carbs: 3
Protein: 30
Fat: 7
Cals: 195 calories


How many does it make?
Recipe makes 2 small pancakes.


How do make it?
– Stick on grill at full heat for about 5 minutes.
– Mix all ingredients, add water to thin out the batter.
– Put in frying pan and frying pan in grill.
– Cook til golden brown.
– Sprinkle with low calorie sweetener or sugar free (eg Walden Farms) syrup of your choice.
– Serve on a plate with berries.