Today we start a mini series of survival guides for understanding the life and times of competitive bodybuilders. More especially, those that compete. Perhaps you may wish to see it as a way of understanding the way of the largely unknown life of, and often misinformed truths about bodybuilders!

The main thing, as with any prep is to understand that towards the end, when very lean, energy levels will be often, incredibly low. Both physically and mentally.


Alertness, mental agility, general level of jovial ability (e.g. if you can have a laugh regularly) will drop, and also things like increased shortness in temper, the odd mean word being said out of tiredness etc. Most people I’ve discussed it with say that sex drive can also drop right down – it doesn’t mean anything other lack of energy, don’t take it any other way than that.


Basically, the last month or so will be like living with someone who has slept very little for a few days.


At first it’s tough but once you realize its not personal and its for a finite period of time, you’ll both cruise through it!