One aspect that people often forget is how important a role that salts play in the body.

Without them, you cannot move, your heart wouldn’t beat and generally you’d be well, dead!


So a good question is that is sometimes asked is can supplementing salt, in this case Magnesium actually help performance?


And the answer?  Yes it can!  In this 2017 study they found that:

“Some cross-sectional surveys demonstrated a positive association between Mg status and muscle performance, including grip strength, lower-leg power, knee extension torque, ankle extension strength, maximal isometric trunk flexion, rotation, and jumping performance. Additionally, findings from intervention studies showed that Mg supplementation might lead to improvements in functional indices such as quadriceps torque. Moreover, Mg supplementation could improve gait speed and chair stand time in elderly women.”


This study showed increases in many aspects of moving and strength.  Thus one can conclude that ensuring one has a good level of magnesium will benefit your performance in the gym.


You can read the study here –