14502748_10153832229411611_2179060959891521224_nI hear it and see it all the time. Coaches this. Coaches that. It’s my coaches fault. I didn’t get enough attention. Blah blah blah.

Everyone wants a great coach. But what are you doing to be a great client????

We always see negativity towards coaches. Or advice on what coaches can do to be better. Why don’t we ever talk about how clients can be better?? Well, here’s my thoughts on this.

1- Stop texting your coach 2 seconds after you send pics asking them if they got your pics. Yes they got them. You do realize your coach more than likely has more clients than just you and it will take time to get back to you. (Pay attention to this as it will basically apply to everything.)

2- Stop expecting results 2 days after you start your plans. Seriously. It takes weeks, months and even years to get serious results. If you don’t have patience. Maybe this isn’t for you.

3– Stop asking your coach why you aren’t doing what so and so is doing. (This one drives me absolutely nuts) you are your own entity. What you are doing is for you. What they are doing is for them. End of story.

4- STOP MAKING EXCUSES! Remember this one. Because more than likely your coach has heard every excuse in the book. Explaining to them why you can’t or couldn’t do something is absolutely pointless. There are no excuses. It’s only a waste of time. If you want it. You’ll make it happen. Your coaches clients who are winning shows aren’t making excuses.

5- If you have a question. Ask! Don’t text your coach and say.. ” hey I have a question.” Seriously. Just ask it. Again. It’s just a waste of time and texting. Get to the point.

6- Stop asking every single week if your plans are changing. No! They aren’t. If the plans are working. Why would they change. (This is also applies when you don’t follow plans. And go on and off plans all week.) changing your plans isn’t going to change your work ethic. Stop being a roller coaster on them and you will actually get results faster.

7- If your coach has a day off. Let him/her have the dam day off. Stop texting them and saying.. “Hey, I know it’s your day off but…” Basically what you are saying here is that you are more valuable than anyone else on the planet and days off don’t apply to you. Real talk! You aren’t. End of story. If your coach was blowing your phone up when you were trying to enjoy some down time or family time you’d be pissed too. More than likely your coach is caring like me and responds anyways because it’s easier than dealing with you when you bitch and complain about not getting enough attention.

8- Stick to the plan!! If you have set a show in stone. Stick to it. Don’t change your damn mind every two weeks on what show you want to do. Do you realize how irritating this is when you do this?? To me this just screams insecurity and no accountability. You more than likely aren’t following plans. And you know this. So you think pushing the show back will get you a new set of plans. Then you can post about it with all this new motivation you have. But sadly. You’ll just go right back to slacking off and change your mind again in two weeks. Sorry not sorry.

9- Send your progress photos on the days you are scheduled to send them. Again. You aren’t not special. You do not decide when to send your pics.

10- If you have your coaches personal number. Please for the love of god stop Facebook messaging them. Emailing them (unless they specify that) and Instagram messaging them. This is the most annoying damn thing you could possibly do. Really. What are you thinking? Your coach gets enough messages via social media so why clog it up even more??

And last. But not least.


They have no idea what it takes or what you should or shouldn’t be doing. They are just being caring like they should be. Listen to your coach. If he says you won’t be ready. You won’t be. Your friends and family are going to tell you what you want to hear. Your coach is going to tell you what you need to hear. Big difference. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

*if you are a client and you take offense to this. Then you don’t have what it takes to be a good client. If you are a coach please feel free to add to this. A lot of people don’t realize how much time and work a coach puts in to make sure his clients are doing well. And remember this please. It is NOT your coaches job to motivate you. Inspire you. Or hold your hand. It’s his/her job to get you into the best shape possible and do well on stage. The rest is on you.

A post by a chap called Russ Allen – somewhat harsh but to the point, don’t you think!