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How did you get started with fitness & bodybuilding? What were the defining moments that have guided you towards the fitness & bodybuilding lifestyle?


I started a fit life when I got sick and tired of everyone calling me a toothpick and pointing my skinny life out. But the true eye opener was when my ex-girlfriend told me: “look at you; you are so skinny how does this look when you stand beside me?”


Where does your motivation and inspiration stem from? What keeps you going to push harder?


Actually my true inspiration was and always will be the one and only Zyzz, just the life he followed not giving a damn what anyone thinks. But my inspiration to push harder is my son, since I see so many parents not seeing they are going into the wrong direction and into a life of nothing bot problems which won’t go away.


What workout routine has worked best for you?


Everything actually I made my own routines that change every 2nd week.


What is your favorite muscle group to train?


My favorite muscle group to train would be arms.


What is your approach to nutrition?
This is very difficult since I never followed a nutrition plan created by someone else who calculates everything out. But yeah I used a bit of logic and it turned out great.


What is your supplementation like?
When I have money I usually buy whey protein but if I have a few more bucks I buy Iso protein.

But my supplementation now is Creatine (MONO) only.


What is your cardio routine like? Do you prefer to use HIIT or SSCV?

I just go for a 30-45 min run.


What are your future bodybuilding / fitness goals?
MY future fitness goals would be to get more gains ofcourse but I hope I can stand on the stage one day and get a nice trophy.


What advice and tips would you give to new beginners as well as well-established competitors?


Just don’t quit just tell yourself go on and also the body changes all the time 1 day you got a six pack look shredded but the next day you can look like a pig . Don’t lose motivation and keep on going. And of course you are stuck and tried everything get a good coach who will plan your meals. – CHANGE YOUR FOOD and YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR BODY, PERIOD!


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