We often hear people state that high protein levels are dangerous, they can damage your kidneys and the renal system.
We think the chances of it being related to high proteins are slim to none.
Having read many studies, we have not seen one that suggests that protein in a fully functional renal system will damage it, even when consumed heavily.  
However, protein of any kind is expensive, and clean healthy carbs are much cheaper, literally.
You do not need super high amounts of proteins and indeed, keeping protein sensible (2.5-3.0g per kg) allows a lot of headroom for carbs and fats and allows you to feel fuller and muscularly more rounded, whilst consuming enough protein for Muscle Protein Synthesis (e.g. muscle growth!).

Studies to consider are the meta analysed studies below, which discuss this very issue and the results of over 152 studies!
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and optimal amounts to consume daily:
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