InterviewPicQuick stats:
Age: 44
Height: 5’9
Weight: 154
Competitions: None

How did you get started with fitness and bodybuilding? What were the defining moments that have guided you towards the fitness and bodybuilding lifestyle?

For about the past 10-12 years, I’ve been into some kind of physical activity. It started with running, then triathlons and Ironman triathlon, then HITT-type workouts. Then I started to try a little weight training about 2 or 3 years ago.

I’ve always enjoyed that rush you get from a good workout, whatever kind it is that day, but the thing that changed my focus was our children.

Our daughter became very ill early on and had to be treated in hospital for her first 2 years. When she was well again, I started trying to get in good physical shape so I’d feel good about myself and not shy away from all those trips to the beach or the pool that kids love so much.

Up until then I had been in good cardiovascular shape, but not proud of my physical shape, and actually avoided those times when I would be expected to take my shirt off and play.

Where does your motivation and inspiration come from? What keeps you going to push harder?

I found my reason “why” I work out. I won’t lose sight of that, and that’s what keeps me going.

I DO love a challenge, though, and I like to set a mini-goal just to see if I can do it. Those things help me push myself further than I initially thought I could.

What workout routine has worked best for you?

I love lifting. But I also like variety. So, having a plan that changes a little from week to week keeps it interesting and allows me to see some progress without getting bored.

What is your favorite muscle group to train?

That’s a tough one. I like the lifting on chest day…I like the pump on arm day…and I like the look of shoulder day.

What is your approach to nutrition?

I set a goal, a plan, and I stick to it. Nutrition is the biggest key to success (in my opinion), so that’s where you can make or break the best plan.

What is your supplementation like?

Pretty simple, I think. Whey for extra protein, BCAA’s to aid recovery, creatine, a multi-vitamin and Vitamin C.

What is your cardio routine like? Do you prefer HIIT or SSCV?

My cardio varies. If I feel like just chilling, I’ll watch a show and run on the treadmill. But I also have several HITT-style workouts to choose from when I really want to sweat it out.

I don’t think I prefer one over the other. It just depends on the mood.

What are your future Bodybuilding/ Fitness goals?

My goal/wish for years has been to have defined abs, but I didn’t really think it was in my family genes. Now that I’m well on my way there, I’d like to be able to keep a lean physique, but add a few more pounds of muscle.

There is always a New Goal. That’s what keeps it fun.

What advice and tips would you give to new beginners as well as well-established competitors?

Find you reason WHY you want that goal you said you’d like to achieve.

See it, know it, envision what it feels like, and what you’ll feel like when you achieve it. Make that emotional attachment to your goal and you won’t give up on it. You won’t fail. You’ll still have struggles, but you won’t give up on that goal.

Thank you!