12895433_10207595542744855_1922918071_nQuick stats:
Age: 28
Height: 1.62cm
Weight: 51kg

How did you get started with fitness and bodybuilding? What were the defining moments that have guided you towards the fitness and bodybuilding lifestyle?

After a sad period in my life (loss of my grandfather to colon cancer and a hard breakup) I decided I needed to reinvent myself and I must get healthier.

I was feeling down all the time, physically and mentally.

A voice in my head (not schizophrenia) told me I need to exhaust myself physically, so I can sleep better, that was the first thing I wanted to improve, the quality of sleep.

I signed up to boxing classes in my town and after a couple of months I already felt the benefits. I was more optimistic, I was eating better and I felt I had a purpose again.

I started looking online for more exercises I could do at home. I bought dumbbells, kettle bells, metal bar, TRX straps. Anything that could help me train in the comfort of my home.

I was too shy to go to an actual gym due to the lack of certified and qualified personal trainers, I didn’t really know how to start and what exercises I needed.
That changed, of course, as soon as Team Wild moved in my hometown and I heard people train with them. After some self persuasion, I decided I’ll give it a shot and it was an awesome decision.

12674487_10207595539424772_235570787_nWhere does your motivation and inspiration come from? What keeps you going to push harder?

My motivation comes from the fact that I want a high quality life. I don’t want to live forever, but I want to be illness free and to have a positive outlook on life.

I want to feel healthy and strong and I want it to be visible through my appearance.
I consider myself an ambitious person, I try my best to not let myself down, that’s what makes me push harder.

I want to prove to myself I can get past the “I can’t do it” state of mind.

I feel that through pushing your limits in how much you can do at the gym helps dissolving mental barriers and makes you a better person.

12744072_10207369552215233_1269028631265532262_nWhat workout routine has worked best for you?

I am not an expert on workout routines. I am new and I am learning.

But as far as I can see, Team Wild has the best approach. They increase the weights and intensity gradually, as I become stronger, they have the best tips and exercises suited to my needs.

The workout routine is never boring, always challenging, I think that’s the key. I don’t look at it as a straining job, something you “must” do, have a fun approach on working out, switch things up, make it interesting.

What is your favorite muscle group to train?

I don’t have a favorite muscle group, but what I do want to emphasize are my quads, back, biceps and triceps.

green and red healthy foodWhat is your approach to nutrition?

In my opinion food must nourish every cell in your body whilst tasting delicious.

Without food to fuel you with energy, you can’t kill your workout. Besides air and water, food is what keeps us alive. We must be in touch with it, know where it comes from, give our bodies the best nutrients we have access to.

It should not be treated lightly, acquiring information about nutrition is crucial in building a stronger body.

12380600_10207601819421768_963332501_nWhat is your supplementation like?

Protein powder with enzymes and probiotics
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Omega 3
Vitamin B complex
Magnesium with vitamin B6

What is your cardio routine like? Do you prefer HIIT or SSCV?

I prefer SSCV, I tried HIIT for a while, it was ok, but my goal is not to burn calories. I go boxing 3 times a week and the warm up training involves a similar routine to HIIT.

What are your future Bodybuilding/ Fitness goals?

My overall goal is to become the best version of myself. To see what my body is capable of and inspire my family and friends to become more active and change their lifestyle.

10013807_10207534451257606_7518131267880666929_nWhat advice and tips would you give to new beginners as well as well-established competitors?

To new beginners I would say: don’t exaggerate and injure yourself in the process. Know your limits and start building up from that point. It doesn’t mean you are weak if you can’t lift as much as others in the gym, you will get there one day.

Nutrition is very important, do your own research , ask people with experience in nutrition, don’t listen to random advice from random people in the gym about what you should eat and what supplements you should take.

Listen to your body, try different approaches and find what suits you.

If you are like me and don’t know how to begin, it’s best to hire professionals to help you until you get the hang of it. Don’t expect super fast results, you won’t be buffed in a month, it’s a process, it takes time and dedication.

To well-established competitors I would say: keep inspiring others, you work very hard and you are special people who know what sacrifice means.

Thank you Team Wild for being such an awesome and inspiring power couple! The fact that you are helping others in achieving their goals is simply amazing, a selfless act in my eyes because you want others to succeed too.