ronny 1Quick Stats
Age: 35
Height: 173cm
Weight: 82kg

How did you get started with fitness & bodybuilding?
As a 8 year old kid I started Martial Arts because I was a small tiny kid who was bullied.

At the age of 16 I started fitness for muscle growth and condition. I think I was around 20 when I became interested in Bodybuilding.

The motivation and determination of the men and women was something I was very interested in, combined with my Martial Arts. I wanted to work on my physique.

In fact it was on a daily basis ‘I was building my body’.


What were the defining moments that have guided you towards the fitness & bodybuilding lifestyle?
Because my life turned around from a small kid into a big ‘chubby’ teenager with allergies I decided to do something about it.

First I was bullied because I was a tiny small boy, after that they would make fun of me because I was chubby. (After doing Martial Arts for a while the bullying stopped 😉 ) I gathered information about food, fitness, bodybuilding lifestyle on a daily basis. That was the point of no return.

ronny 2
Where does your motivation and inspiration stem from? What keeps you going to push harder?
I have a particular goal who I never have reached. I have an intrinsic motivation from deep within me. I never back down for a challenge. My family and I are THE motivation to push harder, also the fact that I have never reached my goal is enough motivation to push harder.

However you can only push yourself to a certain level but with the right people around you and especially the right coach(es) or trainer(s) the sky is the limit. I also tell myself there are no limits…
Also it helps me to read awesome quotes, see pictures, see progress, listen to great music to push myself harder and harder.

What workout routine has worked best for you?
I’m constantly improving my workouts, I can’t tell you what works for me.
I have trained 7 days a week with a busy lifestyle, however now I work out 4 times a week and feeling better than ever. I think you should constantly change. A lot depends on stress levels, things happen in life etc. Don’t stick to a pattern, change is a key in my opinion.

What is your favorite muscle group to train?
I like to train my biceps and triceps together, think that’s number one, because you feel the pump. Also I love training back and legs. I don’t have a muscle group I hate to train.


What is your approach to nutrition?
Years I thought I was eating correctly, but that was a fairy-tale. I ate to much or too little, the wrong food groups etc. I gathered different people around me with the same or higher level of approach, same goals etc. what helped me to lose weight and build muscle.

However I couldn’t reach my goal!

Now I have joined Team Wild and I believe I can reach my goal with their help, knowledge and right push.

ronny 3What is your supplementation like?
On a daily bases I take Vit. D for my dry skin.
Whey as breakfast and post work out.
Pre workout: BCAA
Post work out : GlycoFuse


What is your cardio routine like? Do you prefer to use HIIT or SSCV?
It depend on the day if I like to do HIIT or SSCV. I like to do HIIT, pushing your body to limits, rest, pushing to limits again, however I can enjoy to go for a 10/15k run on a steady base as well. Mountain biking or ride my road bike. I love to train outside because my day job is all inside at a desk I love the smell of fresh air.


What are your future bodybuilding / fitness goals?
First of all I want to reach my goal to lean out, it has been a goal for a long time. Due to setbacks in life it is taking longer than I wished for, but it’s not a straight line to a goal, is a bumpy road. From there we will see..
What advice and tips would you give to new beginners as well as well-established competitors?
The best advice I can give is: do it for yourself, not for anyone else! It’s your life.

Gather around people around you with the same interests or goals, it helped me.
Third advice is, don’t think you already know everything and think that what you do is the right thing, open your mind for suggestion. Ask feedback, let people help you to reach your goal(s), hire a great coach or trainer. You don’t have to do it alone.
Thank you!