If you want keep lean, and not end up heavier in term of fat levels than you had, you need to control your eating post diet.

At the end of a dieting phase, your body is primed to store fat. It is not primed to store muscle. Survival.

When metabolism is retarded, the body looks to replace lost fat with extra fat, and then usually then some.

As recently explained to a friend and using the example we gave –

If you drop 10lb of fat, people often then bounce back up 15lb, which is an extra 5lb fat.

You then diet again and lose another 10lb. Then you come off diet again, and put on 15lb.

At this point in total you’ve dieted off 20lb but gained back 30lb – meaning you’re actually slowly going to be adding more and more fat mass / adipose tissue.

Its very simplistically put, but is essentially what happens.

Put simply – don’t binge post diet and use the diet as a way to learn to eat more healthy in amounts that your body needs.

Thanks for reading!