A few months ago, the thought of looking great on the beach was probably motivation enough to hit the gym each day. Now that the summer has passed, it can be tougher to get that body moving. If you’ve hit a wall or you’re less enthusiastic than normal, here are some hints to boost your motivation and make your workouts more fun.


Variety is the spice of life

Have you been doing the same ab workout or cardio drills for the last six months? Do you spend all your spare time in the same gym surrounded by the same people? If so, it’s no wonder that your motivation levels have dropped a little. To give something our all, we have to enjoy it. Even if you love exercise, doing the same workouts all the time can become mundane. Try and embrace the motto ‘variety is the spice of life’ when it comes to training. Try some different classes or enjoy a change of scenery. Take up a new sport. There are all kinds of things you can try, and you don’t have to be at the gym to benefit from physical activity. Make the most of bright, sunny fall days and go for a jog in the park or take a yoga mat to the beach. Take up dancing or try a spinning class. Join a team and learn to play baseball, soccer, or hockey.

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Set new targets

We all put in more effort when there’s a target or goal in our sights. When you start exercising, you may be desperate to reach new levels, but your enthusiasm may wane with time. It’s essential to strive for something all the time. Every time you reach a target, set a new one. This will inspire you to try your hardest every time. If you’re reaching your goals, make sure you enjoy a reward. It may be as simple as a lie-in at the weekend or a meal at a restaurant, but it’ll make you work harder.


Be sociable

Exercising alone can get boring after a while. If you’re sick of your own company, be more sociable. Take friends to the gym with you, try team sports, or join an exercise class at the gym. When you’re having fun, exercise doesn’t seem like such a chore.

Image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Female_joggers_on_foggy_Morro_Strand_State_Beach.jpg


Look the part

We all feel better when we think we look good. If you’re bored of working out, treat yourself to a little retail therapy. A new gym outfit is bound to get you motivated for your next training session. You don’t have to spend a lot to look good at the gym. You’ll find some incredible bargains if you shop online. Register for discount sites and join mailing lists. You can take advantage of offers like a JCPenney promo code to revamp your workout wardrobe.


We all have days when it’s tough to drag our bodies out of bed and find the motivation to work out. You know that once you’ve done it, you’ll feel great. But it’s finding the energy to start in the first place. Try these motivational tips, and hopefully, you’ll rediscover your love of exercise.