Training Time – with Matt Wild!

What do you listen to when training?
If I’m working out with Yo, I don’t listen to music.  We talk about training and the days events.  If I’m ever training alone, I tend to stick on music by the likes of Staind, Slipknot, Seether and similar metal bands to get me in ‘the zone’.


Do you consume any preworkout products and intraworkout products?
Yes and yes!

Pre-workout I use 10g EAA from a bulk supplier and prefer to use MusclePharm Assault, although we are currently using WTF! and it’s not nearly as good.  As I train I use a scoop of Modern BCAA and 5g leucine to ensure protein synthesis is as high as possibly given the 8:1:1 ratio of BCAA’s in the drink and the extra 5g luciene added.

Is that an overkill?  Maybe but it certainly won’t hurt protein synthesis!

What are you wearing in the gym?
Usually my favorite brand of bodybuilding clothes – Gasp.  Vest will be a Gasp T- back vest, some black Gasp baggies and Nike Air Max trainers of some sort.  I do also have some NGM Clothing as well which are excellent but I only have a small amount of the fab clothing line – building them up slowly!


What do you eat post workout?
Immediately post workout is 50g whey and 50g maltodextrin.  Simple and effective to aid recovery and add calories into my diet.  About 45-60 minutes after training I’ll have 250g chicken, 200g white potato, some broccoli and wash it down with a Pepsi Max.

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PS: Another important aspect of training is supplementation. PROZIS products we use consistently to help with our training and recovery:


Intra-Workout BCAA

Post-workout Whey Protein


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