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Working out isn’t something you just do for the sake of it. Yes, you might well enjoy it. You may appreciate the gym camaraderie, the results and even the adrenaline rush for themselves. But when it comes down to it, you’re there for a reason. You have a goal in mind.


When we have a goal, it is easy to become goal-focused. Single-mindedness in pursuit of a goal is an easy thing to get locked into. When it happens, everything else can become extraneous, and this happens in all walks of life. The career professional who ignores friends and family in pursuit of promotion. The chemist who chases a cure for an illness to the detriment of their own happiness, and so on.


Working out can easily fall into that category. You decide on your goal – whether it be bulking, weight loss or lifting – and you gear things towards that. The things that you do to achieve it have real-life implications. You change your diet, which affects meal times.


You change your schedule, which affects me time and family time. In the pursuit of a goal, you can be driven to extremes. Fear of wasted effort may make you obsessive.


Why Balance Is Essential


It’s a positive thing to be motivated. Having aims and achieving them is what life is all about. But having tunnel vision is always a negative thing. We often read about the successful person who meets their life’s goals by the time they are out of their twenties. We read less often about the family they completely ignored to achieve them. We sometimes read about the major drug habit that fulled their efforts.


Taking every advantage you can to reach your goals quicker seems like a logical step. However, especially where it comes to bodybuilding, it can go wrong in a hurry.

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The advantages of juicing for nutrients, as this great post points out, are proven and benign. The benefits of using supplements are somewhat murkier. While they may be legal outside of certain competitions, some supplements have side effects that can be damaging.

Taking The Clean Advantages


You can boost the impact of your workout in so many different ways, and it can be tempting to take every short cut going. The problem with short cuts is that there is always a trade-off. Yes, this supplement might allow you to bulk up faster, but it might also affect your blood pressure. Longer workouts and more of them might get you to your goal quicker – but how do they affect your home life?

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A holistic approach to your workout regime can help. Eating the right things, getting the best spectrum of nutrients on board – these are important. Having interests outside of the gym is also fairly vital, though. They will help you to remember why the sometimes dark road that some people pursue to reach a goal is not right for you.

In the long run, you will achieve your goal if you keep a focus and do the right things. But it’s not just about the goal; it’s also how you get there. Don’t let that become clouded by a narrow focus.