Friend, client and soon to be a competitive athlete Stuart Alexander shows us his fantastic physique.

Stuart has been working with us for just over 13 weeks now and is looking truly fantastic.

Stuart in the typical TEAM WILD way, is not being starved, has 5 meals (plus workout meal/day off meal) so 6 meals per day and as you can see is looking terrific.

We could not be happier with his progress!

Stuart says: End of WK 13. At my lightest and leanest yet. Thank you to @teamwildtv for the constant support, nutrition and lifestyle change. Can’t wait for Phase 2. 👍🏼💪🏼 Thanks to @jmhpaterson for the inspiration. #leader #fitfam #gymbuddies #gymlife #wheresmyfatgone #hardworkinghands #wheresthebeach #synergy



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